Health Ministry asks Turkey to renew quota for treatment of citizens

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan asks Turkey to renew quota for the treatment of seriously ill citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. The press center of the ministry reports.

According to it, Alymkadyr Beishenaliev met with his colleague Fahrettin Koca on the sidelines of the Turkish Medical World Congress, which is taking place in Istanbul.

The parties discussed current issues of bilateral cooperation.

Alymkadyr Beishenaliev raised the issue of renewing annual quotas for citizens of Kyrgyzstan to receive highly qualified medical care in Turkish clinics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admission of Kyrgyzstanis was suspended in 2020.

The parties also discussed the construction of an additional building of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Friendship Hospital in Bishkek.

Fahrettin Koca noted that the Turkish side would consider the possibility of renewing quotas for seriously ill Kyrgyzstanis.

According to the Ministry of Health, 20 Kyrgyz doctors and nursing staff will improve their skills in the Republic of Turkey.

Source: News Agency