EU-Turkmenistan Sustainable Energy Days 2024 to kick off

ASHGABAT: The EU-Turkmenistan Sustainable Energy Days 2024 (SEDs) will be held in the Turkmen of Ashgabat and Turkmenbashi cities from April 27 through May 3 this year, Trend reports.

According to the Delegation of the EU to Turkmenistan, the SEDs events aim to raise awareness on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the interlinkage between energy and climate change.

“This campaign is held by the European Union (EU) through its project ‘Sustainable Energy Connectivity in Central Asia (SECCA)’, in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) project ‘Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated development of green cities in Ashgabat and Avaza’, and with the support of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, and Turkmenbashi city administration,” notes the source.

Meanwhile, cooperation between the EU and Turkmenistan in the field of renewable energy is gaining momentum in light of the common desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify the
energy portfolio.

Both sides are consulting and exchanging experience on the development and implementation of projects using solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy, as well as negotiating the possibility of joint investments and creating conditions for the development of the renewable energy market in Turkmenistan.

Source: Trend News Agency

Azerbaijan intends to undertake business trip to Russia’s Bashkortostan

BAKU: Azerbaijan plans to make a business trip to Bashkortostan, Deputy Executive Director of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Agency (AZPROMO) Tural Hajili said during the Azerbaijan-Bashkortostan Business Forum held in Baku, Trend reports.

Hajili noted that trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Russia increased by 12 percent in the first quarter of this year.

“I believe that a business mission to the Republic of Bashkortostan will be organized within the framework of the agreements reached during this forum,” he said.

The official added that AZPROMO in its activities, pays special attention to the constituent entities of Russia, holds joint business events with various regions of the country, including regularly organizing export missions, and supports the participation of local entrepreneurs in exhibitions held in Russia.

To note, the Azerbaijan-Bashkortostan Business Forum was held in Baku on April 24. Within the forum, cooperation agreements were signed between the Association of Exhibi
tion Organizers of Azerbaijan and Bashkir Exhibition Company (the agreement was signed by Farid Mammadov and Albina Kildigulova), MT Group, and Bashinkom NVP Company (Tarana Allahaverdiyeva and Linar Minnebayev).

Source: Trend News Agency

Glad to be among licensed athletes for Paris 2024 Olympics – Azerbaijani gymnast

BAKU: I am glad to be among the athletes who won a license for the Paris 2024 Olympics, a gymnast and a member of the Azerbaijani trampoline team, Seljan Mahsudova said during a joint press conference of the Azerbaijani National Olympic Committee (NOC) and Visa, Trend reports.

“My coach has been my unwavering support throughout my journey to the Olympic Games. He was the first person to congratulate me when I won the qualification. After the news spread that I had secured a spot, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing-my teammates, family, and countless acquaintances all reached out to congratulate me, with many messages flooding in on social media. I feel incredibly fortunate to be among the athletes who earned this qualification. Achieving this has required intense training, and I continue to work hard every day. I am confident that I will represent our country with honor at the Olympic Games. The historical significance of winning the qualification, being the first in trampoline gymnastics in Azerbaijani history,
gives me an extra boost of motivation,” she said.

To note, Zohra Aghamirova, a member of Azerbaijan’s national rhythmic gymnastics team, won a license to the 2024 Olympic Games last year.

Seljan Mahsudova expressed her gratitude to Visa for supporting Azerbaijani athletes.

“In daily life, numerous individuals rely on their Visa card, some even opting to go cashless, using their card for all transactions. I am predominantly a card user myself. It’s worth noting that Visa supports athletes, and I am grateful to the company for this support,” the gymnast added.

Source: Trend News Agency

Azerbaijan’s Lachin hosts conference on COP29 (PHOTO)

LACHIN: The conference within the framework of the International Forum themed “COP29 and Green Vision for Azerbaijan” has commenced in Lachin with the participation of 64 authoritative experts from 30 countries, Trend reports.

At the conference organized jointly by ADA University and the Center for Analysis of International Relations (CAIR), academics, former ambassadors, and representatives of international think tanks shared their experience in the fields of sustainable development and green energy.

On April 23, they took part in the international forum on the above theme at ADA University and directed questions to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

The panel discussions held in Lachin as part of the 6th forum jointly organized by ADA University and CAIR are discussing important steps achieved in the region towards sustainable development, with particular attention to COP29 and Azerbaijan’s green energy policy.

The panel dedicated to sustainable development in Karabakh commenced u
nder the moderation of the Vice-Rector of ADA University and Director of the Institute of Development and Diplomacy, Fariz Ismayilzade.

Speakers on the panel include the special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the Lachin district, Masim Mammadov; the special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the Shusha district, Aydin Karimov; and the special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the Jabrayil, Gubadli, and Zangilan districts, Vahid Hajiyev.

This November, Azerbaijan will host COP29. This decision was made at the COP28 plenary meeting held in Dubai on December 11 last year. Baku will become the center of the world and will receive about 70-80,000 foreign guests.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an agreement signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. COP-the Conference of the Parties-is the highest legislative body overseeing the implementation of the Framewor
k Convention on Climate Change. There are 198 countries that are parties to the Convention. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the COP is held annually. The first COP event took place in March 1995 in Berlin, and its secretariat is located in Bonn.

Source: Trend News Agency

Turkmenistan displays its oil and gas sector in France

ASHGABAT: The International Forum to Attract Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector has started its work in the French capital, Paris, today, Trend reports.

The goal of this event is to increase chances for attracting foreign direct investment in all segments of Turkmenistan’s energy sector and to improve the regional debate on future sustainable energy development.

The event will focus on Turkmenistan’s role in the future of global energy, new investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector, lowering hydrocarbon emissions, accelerating infrastructure investment, and the role of financial institutions in promoting clean energy projects. It will also focus on encouraging international investment in the Caspian Sea’s hydrocarbon resources, maximizing output at mature assets, developing the Galkynysh gas field, and constructing the TAPI gas pipeline and new gas production facilities.

The Forum will also be devoted to further attracting investments in the development of Turkmen offshore fields,
with special attention being paid to blocks 16, 21, 23, and 24.

Meanwhile, Turkmenistan, possessing vast reserves of natural gas, is actively investing in the development of its energy sector, introducing new technologies, and modernizing infrastructure.

The country is establishing partnerships with leading foreign companies in the field of energy in order to jointly develop and exploit deposits, as well as develop new projects for the production, transportation, and processing of natural gas, thereby contributing to its economic growth and strengthening its role in the global energy arena.

Source: Trend News Agency

Turkmenistan seeks more foreign investment in its gas and oil industry

ASHGABAT: Turkmenistan plans to step up the attraction of foreign capital to the country’s oil and gas sector, Trend reports.

This was stated by the President of Turkmenistan, Serdar Berdimuhamedov, in an address to the participants of the International Forum to Attract Foreign Investments in Turkmenistan’s Energy Sector, which began its work today in Paris.

“Today, together with foreign companies, we continue to develop oil and gas fields in the Turkmen section of the Caspian Sea and on land in order to increase their production volumes. This partnership, which attracts foreign capital, is mutually beneficial as it is carried out on the basis of production sharing agreements. In the future, we intend to scale up and intensify the dynamics of such cooperation; this is a key goal,” he said.

He noted that among the priorities are the development of the Galkynysh gas field and the laying of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline, the successful solution of which will significantly div
ersify the fuel and energy complex and support regional energy security.

Meanwhile, the purpose of this event is to increase the chances of attracting foreign direct investment in all segments of the energy sector of Turkmenistan and improve the regional debate on the future sustainable development of energy.

Source: Trend News Agency

Tajikistan, Italian WeBuild discuss progress of Rogun HPP construction

DUSHANBE: The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and the director of the WeBuild Italian company, Pietro Salini, discussed the progress of the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric power station (HPP) in Tajikistan, Trend reports.

According to the press service of the Tajik president, the head of WeBuild informed Rahmon about the fulfillment of commitments and the progress of construction works on the HPP on which the company is currently working.

During the meeting, confidence was expressed that the company’s management will mobilize all its capabilities to fulfill the work plans within the established deadlines.

WeBuild is engaged in the construction of a clay-core rockfill dam at the Rogun HPP. The Rogun HPP is a hydroelectric power station under construction on the Vakhsh River with an installed capacity of 3600 MW. In total, it is planned to install six units, each with a projected capacity of 600 MW.

The average annual electricity generation at the Rogun HPP is expected to exceed 17 billion kW
h. The height of the dam is 335 meters.

The president of Tajikistan embarked on his first official visit to Italy and the Vatican on April 22. Seven new documents were signed following the high-level meetings during the visit.

Source: Trend News Agency

IMF opens new regional office in Saudi Arabia

BAKU: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will open a new regional office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Trend reports.

According to the IMF, the new office will scale up capacity building, regional surveillance, and outreach to promote stability, growth, and regional integration. Abdoul Aziz Wane was appointed the first director of the regional office.

The two-day conference organized by the IMF and Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance on April 24-25 in Riyadh launches the operations of the IMF regional office in Riyadh. The conference aims to review industrial policy’s key principles and draw lessons from its successes and setbacks in other regions, including Asian miracles. The theme is important for the region’s oil-rich economies, as they embark on ambitious reforms to diversify their economies by reorienting resources toward tradable activities, and providing good-paying jobs for citizens.

The conference will bring together regional and international policymakers, as well as leading economists on industria
l policy. It will be opened by Faisal bin Fadhil Alibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jihad Azour, Director of the IMF’s Middle East and Central Asia Department will close the conference with a roundtable discussion between policymakers from the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Source: Trend News Agency