Mass brawl at Kok-Boru Cup: Suspects of beating arrested

Police officers, together with representatives of the Department of the State Committee for National Security for Talas region, detained several more people on the fact of mass brawl in Osh region at Toloikon hippodrome. Press service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Talas region reported.

On the night of September 1, videos with threats to unknown citizens were distributed through WhatsApp application, stating that «Osh people will not take this road.»

The video shows how unknown citizens threaten four people who caused a quarrel at the end of Kok-Boru Cup, held on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic in Osh region.

Investigations have begun. The personnel of Talas region were involved, and special posts were set up on the road from Chon-Kapka border crossing point of Manas district to Otmok pass.

The suspects have been identified. As a result, it turned out that local residents beat four residents of Osh region. They left Russia by car, crossed the border of Kazakhstan and headed for Osh region along Taraz — Talas — Suusamyr highway. Four local residents, who are suspected of the attack, were detained.

A criminal case has been initiated under Article 330 «Inciting racial, ethnic, national, religious or inter-regional hatred (discord)» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Forensic medical examinations have been scheduled.

The final of Kok-Boru Cup between Dostuk and Yntymak teams held in Osh region at Toloikon hippodrome ended in mass brawl. The footage taken by eyewitnesses shows how the ambulance was stoned and all its windows were smashed. The crowd also obstructed the movement of cars.

Source: News Agency

School for 275 students inaugurated in Kara-Suu district

Chairman of Cabinet of Ministers, Chief of President’s Administration Akylbek Japarov attended inauguration ceremony of the new school for 275 students in Kara-Suu district, Osh region.
The government pays a particular attention to education sector, the Cabinet Chairman said.
“In view of importance of education sector, we are increasing budget every year. Financing of education sector in 2023 amounted to 60.9 billion soms. This is by 23 billion soms more than in 2022. Funds from the public budget are also allocated for development of social infrastructure,” he said.
“If we begin construction of 204 schools this year, 100 of them will be launched before the end of the year. As of September 1, 35 schools were commissioned,” the Cabinet Chairman said.

Source: Central Asian News Service

School for 275 children built in Kara-Suu for 90 million soms

The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kyrgyzstan Akylbek Japarov, as part of his working visit, took part in the opening of a new school for 275 children in Kara-Suu district of Osh region.

The official noted that the state is obliged to create all conditions for children to receive a quality education. «I believe that the new school will become an excellent foundation for the future young generation and a home for the best public and state figures who will contribute to the development of the republic,» he said.

Akylbek Japarov added that the state pays special attention to the education sector every year.

«Given its importance, we increase the budget every year. Financing of the education sector in 2023 amounted to 60.9 billion soms. This is 23 billion more than in 2022. At least 204 educational institutions are under construction. Of these, 36 schools have been commissioned,» he stressed.

It should be noted that 90 million soms were allocated for the construction of the two-story school building.

Source: News Agency

Agali Yakhyaev arrested on charges of drug trafficking

Member of the board of the Muslim Unity movement Agali Yakhyaev was arrested on charges of drug trafficking, lawyer Zibeyda Sadigova told Turan. According to her, Yakhyaev was detained on August 31 by officers of the Apsheron District Police Department. ‘On August 31, I called the Apsheron District Police Department at least 5 times and each time they answered me that they do not have such a person. And today (September 1) it turned out that Agali Yakhyaev was charged there under Art. 234.4.3 (large-scale drug trafficking) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. By a court decision, a measure of restraint in the form of arrest was chosen against him,’ the lawyer said. Under this article, Yahyaev faces a prison sentence of 5 to 12 years. It was not possible to get comments from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It should be noted that in 2017 Yakhyaev was sentenced in the so-called ‘Nardaran case’ to 15 years in prison. However, in March 2021, he was pardoned by the head of state. In May 2022, he was administratively arrested for 30 days.

Source: Turan News Agency

Ukraine Makes ‘Notable’ Progress In Battlefield, White House Says

The White House said on Friday that it has noted Ukraine’s ‘notable progress’ in the past three days in its counteroffensive to retake territory in the southern Zaporizhzhia region, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports. ‘They have achieved some success along that second line of Russian defenses,’ National Security Council ‘s John Kirby told reporters during a conference call adding it was up to Kyiv how to capitalise on that success. Kirby’s comments came as the Biden administration called recent media criticism of the Ukrainian effort by anonymous Western officials ‘not helpful’. Ukrainian gains of the last few days ‘have not been insignificant,’ Kirby emphasized. ‘Any objective observer of this counteroffensive, you can’t deny … that they have made progress now,’ he added. Kyiv this week has publicly expressed annoyance with the criticism around its counteroffensive, most notable in the western media quoting unidentified U.S officials complaining about its slow progress. Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has hit out at critics of his country’s tactics in the battlefield, saying they were spitting in the faces of Ukrainian soldiers and should ‘shut up’. Meanwhile, Washington on Friday also praised Ukraine for its commitment to anti-corruption efforts “even amid Russia’s brutal full-scale invasion” as the State Department put it. Ukraine’s anti-corruption leaders, including the director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Semen Kryvonos, Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Oleksandr Klymenko, and the Chief Justice of the High Anti-Corruption Court Vira Mykhailenko, have visited the White House, State Department as well as other U.S, agencies to discuss the country’s progress in combating corruption. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan “underscored the vital importance to any democratic society of independent, impartial law enforcement and judicial institutions capable of investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating corruption cases no matter where they lead,” the White House said in a readout of Sullivan’s meeting with the delegation. The U.S. also reiterated its ‘steadfast’ support for anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine and for Ukraine’s brave defense of its democracy against Russian aggression, both the State Department and the White House emphasized Friday evening.

Source: Turan News Agency

Armenians use radio interference in the airspace of Azerbaijan for airliners from the United States and Israel

Illegal Armenian armed formations in Karabakh once again used radio interference against GPS satellite navigation systems of passenger aircraft of foreign airlines operating flights using the airspace of Azerbaijan, the message of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, distributed on the morning of September 2. As a result of the use of radio interference on September 1, from 11:15 to 11:36, there were failures in the GPS navigation system of the B-77L passenger aircraft of American Airlines operating a Paris-Beijing flight, from 13:30 to 13:58 – in the GPS navigation system of the C-650 passenger aircraft of the airline “Israeli Airlines”, operating a flight from Tel Aviv to Baku. The command of the Russian peacekeeping contingent has been informed about these facts, it is noted in the press release

Source: Turan News Agency

Bishkek City Hall proposes to increase public transport fares

The Bishkek City Hall announces the start of discussion of legal regulation and the collection of proposals from interested parties. Website of the City Hall says.

It is noted that the current fares for travel in the capital’s public transport do not provide the necessary amount of financial resources for passenger auto enterprises and private carriers in the face of rising operating costs. This leads to the impossibility of carrying out operational repairs, maintenance of vehicles and timely replacement of tires in accordance with the standard service life. Companies cannot renovate the road transport vehicles due to the unprofitability of public transport. In addition, there is a gap in the regulation of fares in public transport in Bishkek when using transport cards.

The City Hall proposes to raise public transport fares in the capital, taking into account operating costs and inflation.

It notes that this is necessary to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality transportation of residents and guests of the city. In addition, due to this, the economic condition of municipal and private passenger transport enterprises is expected to improve, and it will be possible to timely maintain the road transport vehicles and update them. In addition, the social status of employees of enterprises and carriers will improve and staff turnover will decrease.

To date, three municipal enterprises, as well as 27 private carriers, are engaged in transportation of passengers and luggage in Bishkek.

Source: News Agency

Western and Eastern bus stations to be moved outside Bishkek

The Bishkek City Hall has determined the points where the Western and Eastern bus stations will be moved. Ulan Uezbaev, deputy head of the Transport Department of the capital’s City Hall, informed news agency.

According to him, the idea is that suburban routes do not enter the territory of the capital at all. They should stop at bus stations, and from there people will be able to get to the city by public transport. To this end, the City Hall is now actively purchasing new buses to organize routes to different parts of Bishkek. It is planned that the traffic interval will be not more than 5 minutes.

«We have already determined points where bus stations can be moved. The Western one is proposed to be moved beyond Prigorodnoye village. There is a plot of 7 hectares, next to Dostuk microdistrict, not reaching the bypass road. We propose to move the Eastern bus station to the territory near the Silk Way logistics complex. This is near the intersection of Alma-Atinskaya Street and the bypass road. We are considering sketches of the projects. We want these to be modern complexes. The idea to move the bus stations belongs to the mayor of the city Emilbek Abdykadyrov. He controls its implementation,» Ulan Uezbaev concluded.

Source: News Agency