Banks have suspended accepting applications for state mortgage under the program “My House 2021-2026” – GIK K

From October 1, partner banks Bakai Bank OJSC, Aiyl Bank OJSC and RSK Bank OJSC temporarily suspend accepting applications under the My Home 2021-2026 program in the direction of Preferential Mortgage (public sector employees).

As reported on the website of the State Mortgage Company, this is due to the huge demand for mortgage loans in this area; at the moment, partner banks of OJSC GIK have collected applications for a loan within the established funds limits (funds are limited).

The resumption of accepting applications in the direction of “Preferential mortgage” (public sector employees) will begin as a result of consideration of current applications in partner banks.

The date and time of renewal will be indicated on the website of JSC GIK, we ask everyone to follow the news feed.

It is noted that the acceptance of applications in the direction of “Affordable mortgage” (all categories of citizens) is carried out within the established limits.

“All participants of the program” My Home 2021-2026 “approved in the electronic portal in this area, including participants who were approved under the previous program” Affordable Housing 2015-2020 “can apply to the branches of Aiyl Bank OJSC, RSK OJSC Bank “and OJSC” Bakai Bank “”, – the message says.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

The driver of the minibus who did not let the woman with the stroller in was fined 11.5 thousand soms, and the company – 13 thousand soms

The Bishkek city administration of the Automobile Transport Agency invited the head of the Brigade Council LLC and the driver of the minibus to investigate the case with the passenger.

According to the press service of the mayor’s office, a protocol was drawn up against the carrier company under Article 293 of the Code of the Kyrgyz Republic “On violations” and a fine of 13 thousand soms was imposed.

A protocol was also drawn up on the driver under Part 2 of Article 205, Part 2 of Article 134 and Part 2 of Article 271 of the Code of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Violations” and a fine of 11,500 soms was imposed.

Also, the company’s management was instructed to conduct explanatory work with drivers on the proper provision of services to city-dwellers.

“The mayor’s office of the capital appeals to the drivers of public transport with a warning about respectful attitude towards passengers, observance of traffic rules, keeping the transport cabins clean and tidy. Otherwise, we will be forced to take action, ”the message says.

Let us remind you that yesterday an incident occurred with a city dweller with a sidecar with a minibus driver, who pushed her and did not let her into the passenger compartment.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

In Bishkek, on October 6, the railway crossing on the street. Logvinenko

In Bishkek, on October 6, the railway crossing on the street. Logvinenko. This was reported by the press service of the Kyrgyz Temir Zholu State Enterprise.

According to her, the overlap is scheduled from 22:00 to 8:00 at the guarded railway crossing 3780 km No. 1.

This is due to the performance of work at the railway crossing and approaches to the railway tracks of the Bishkek-1-Bishkek-2 section. Works will be carried out on asphalting the road and dismantling the crossing slabs.

The work was coordinated with the employees of the UPSM of the Bishkek Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

Maripov: The Batken Region Development Program will improve the socio-economic standard of living of the region’s residents

A regular expanded meeting of the State Commission for the Rehabilitation and Development of Border Villages in Batken Region, affected by the events on the Kyrgyz-Tajik section of the state border in Batken Region, on April 28-30, 2021, was held, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reports.

A report on the work done and the current situation in the Batken region was made by the special representative of the president of the Kyrgyz Republic for the restoration and development of border villages in the Batken region, Mamyrzhan Rakhimov, the plenipotentiary of the president of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Batken region, Abdikarim Alimbaev, and heads of relevant state bodies.

Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Ulukbek Maripov criticized the work of the State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Communal Services under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic.

“Today is the middle of autumn, a cold snap is expected in the coming days, but the work on the complete restoration of state and private property has not yet been completed. The funds were allocated in full, maximum efforts must be made to complete all construction work, “Maripov stressed.

Further, the issues of restoring damage to the property of citizens and legal entities were considered, the head of the Cabinet instructed to accelerate the allocation of funds to the affected entrepreneurs.

In addition, Ulukbek Maripov instructed the Ministry of Economy and Finance to provide the public with full information on the allocated funds from the state budget, as well as through private and international organizations and concerned citizens.

“We must account for each som, all financial expenses must be transparent,” Maripov said.

The meeting participants also considered the issue of preparation for the investment forum “Development of Batken – Development of the Country”.

Information on this issue was presented by the acting Minister of Investments Nuradil Bayasov.

He noted that representatives of the business community, international development partners have been invited to the event, and a number of agreements and memorandums are expected to be signed.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers noted that this is the first event held in the Batken region of this level.

“The Forum needs to be held at a high level. The main goal is to attract investments to the region and unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the Batken region. This forum is held within the framework of the Batken Oblast Socio-Economic Development Program, which was developed taking into account the proposals of local residents. The Batken region development program will increase the socio-economic standard of living of the region’s residents. It is not enough to equip the districts and build schools, it is necessary to create such conditions so that the residents of the region can earn good money and provide for their families, ”said Ulukbek Maripov.

Based on the results of the meeting of the State Commission for the Restoration and Development of Border Villages of Batken Region, a number of instructions were given, for the timely execution of which the personal responsibility of the head of the relevant state body was indicated.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

Air Astana proposes to postpone repair work at Kazakhstani refineries

The Kazakhstani airline Air Astana appealed to the government of the country with a proposal to postpone the repair work at Kazakhstani oil refineries, Trend agency reported with reference to Air Astana.

Air Astana is concerned about a significant decline in aviation fuel production in Kazakhstan, which has led to a critical level of fuel reserves on the airline’s balance sheet.

“A week earlier, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced that in order to increase the production of diesel fuel in October of this year, the production of aviation fuel at the Shymkent refinery will be halved. In addition, scheduled repairs at the Pavlodar refinery are scheduled for October, shipments of aviation fuel from the Atyrau refinery have been suspended, and the import of this type of fuel into the country has been completely stopped, ”the company said.

Thus, the National Company “KazMunayGas” announced the provision of the domestic market with aviation kerosene with a total volume of 35,000 tons.

“The uninterrupted operation of existing flights of Air Astana alone requires a monthly consumption of 30,000 tons of aviation fuel. At the same time, international flights from Kazakhstan are gradually being restored, the number of the airline’s flights is growing, ”Air Astana said.

Air Astana appealed to the government with a proposal to postpone the repair work at Kazakhstani refineries, as well as to return the previous volumes of aviation kerosene production until the resumption of import supplies.

According to the company, these measures are important for the stable operation of air transportation in the short term.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

Smuggled “hash oil” seized in Kyrgyzstan for refueling vape

The employees of the Service for Combating Illegal Drug Trafficking (SNNON) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic prevented and seized the smuggling of “hash oil” intended for refueling electronic cigarettes (vape).

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on September 15, during the conduct of special investigative actions and operational-search activities, officers of the SBNON of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, together with employees of the railway station of the Severnaya GTS in Bishkek, while receiving a parcel from the United States, detained K.F. Born in 1990. A cardboard box was found and seized from him, inside of which were glass bottles with an unknown liquid, as well as tubes in the form of capsules with the inscription “Saucey” with a yellow liquid filler with a specific smell.

The investigative service of the SBNON of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic registered a fact in the ERPP on the fact of smuggling (according to Article 270 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic).

According to the study, the substance provided for the study is a narcotic “hash oil”.

By the sanction of the Pervomaisky District Court, the suspect K.F. a preventive measure was chosen in the form of arrest for 2 months with detention in pre-trial detention center-1.

At present, the staff of the SBNON of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic are carrying out further special investigative actions and operational search measures to identify the persons involved and organizers of the shipment of goods from the United States of America.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

In Nooken, a man was killed and left on the sidelines, one of the suspects is a minor

The murder of a man has been disclosed in the Nooken district, the press service of the Jalal-Abad region’s Internal Affairs Directorate reports.

According to the police, on September 24 at about 10:30 a doctor from the district hospital called the police and said that the corpse of a man who turned out to be Zh.M. was lying on the side of the field. Born in 1973.

This fact was registered in the ERPP under Article 130 (Murder) of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, and pre-trial proceedings were started.

During the proceedings, A.Zh. Born in 2002 and K.A. Born in 2005. The suspects showed how everything happened at the crime scene.

At present A.Zh. placed in a temporary detention facility for 2 months by a court decision, the second K.A. due to the fact that he was a minor was transferred to his parents.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency

In Sokuluk, a woman did not reach home after work, she was hit and killed by a car

In the village of Frunze, Sokuluk district, a man hit a pedestrian in a car and fled, the press service of the traffic police department of the Chui regional police department told the agency.

According to her, on September 30 at about 19:30 an unknown driver in a car on Frunzenskaya Street in the village of Frunze hit a woman born in 1962, who was walking home after work.

It is noted that the driver after the collision, without providing medical assistance, fled from the accident scene. The woman, who received severe bodily injuries incompatible with life, died on the spot.

As a result, today, October 1, a Nissan Serena car was installed, as well as a driver born in 1976, a resident of the same village.

At the moment, the driver has been detained and taken to the Sokuluk district police station for further investigation. The car was parked at the impound.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency