Fire breaks out near Astana airport

A large fire broke out near the Astana airport, Kazakh media reported.

Fire departments of the Department of Emergency Situations of Astana went to the airport to respond to the call at 12:28 pm on April 13.

“Dead wood and reeds were burning on a preliminary area of 1 hectare,” the press service of the department said.

14 personnel and 3 units of equipment are working on the spot to eliminate the fire.

The airport assured that the fire did not affect its activities, the airport is operating normally.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Installation of 11-m stele on Deng Xiaoping avenue in Bishkek underway

The construction of the entrance sign at the intersection of Deng Xiaoping avenue and Alykulov street is underway, said the capital construction department of the mayor’s office in Bishkek.

Currently, the engineering networks have been removed, and an 11-meter tall stele has been erected.

The next phase of the project involves painting the stele and installing the letters “Bishkek” and a snow leopard.

Additionally, efforts are being made to improve the surrounding area.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Issyk-Kul district court loses 150 cases

State National Security Committee in Issyk-Kul region launched pre-investigatory check on employees of Issyk-Kul district court on misconduct or neglect of duty.

The employees’ actions led to the loss of around 150 criminal and civil cases.

Their aim was to conceal the unlawful court decisions on certain criminal cases and cases with material basis, as well as gaining benefits.

An investigation on responsible persons and search for lost cases continue.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Delegation of Kyrgyzstan to attend meeting of CIS Interparliamentary Assembly in St. Petersburg

The delegation of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan led by Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiev is on working visit to Russia since April 13.

The delegation will attend the meeting of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly in St. Petersburg.

Parliament Speaker Nurlanbek Shakiev will hold several meetings with Parliament Speakers of CIS Interparliamentary Assembly countries during this visit.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Dozens of Talas residents protest against low purchasing prices for milk

Dozens of dairy cow owners gathered outside the Talas region administration on April 13 to appeal to President Sadyr Japarov regarding the low milk procurement prices.

One of the protesting cattle breeders Atyr Smanova explpained that it’s not easy to keep dairy cows because of the fluctuating prices for milk throughout the day.

Currently, cow owners sell milk for 25 soms per liter, while a liter of water is sold for 30 soms, she complained.

The residents first appealed to the local state district administration, which referred them to the governor’s office in Talas. However, the governor’s office referred them to the milk processing plants.

Locals complain that dairy companies buy milk from them at cheap prices and re-sell at higher prices in stores, some villagers cannot afford the dairy products from stores.

As of 12:20 p.m., around 400 residents had gathered and demand equipment for milk fatness be provided to each household.

Governor Nurlan Dardanov and Nurjan Amankulov, the head of the Talas region’s department of the antitrust regulation, met with the protesters.

According to Tazabek business news service, there are 48 enterprises in the republic producing milk and dairy products, and 4 in Talas region.

Source: Central Asian News Services

MP criticizes Emergency Ministry’s work on prevention of mudslides

Mudslides destroyed 70% of the roads in Leilek district, said MP Chyngyz Ajibaev (Leilek district) at a session of the Kyrgyz parliament April 13.

He criticized the Emergency Situations Ministry for their lack of effort in preventing mudslides, and expressed concern that without immediate action, houses would be destroyed just like last year.

In response, Deputy Emergency Situations Minister Akylbek Mazaripov said that a tender has been announced to build fences in several villages and a dam in Sulukta town, and a contractor has already been identified. The work is set to begin in 2023. Mazaripov added that necessary measures are being taken in dangerous areas.

Last year, mudslides in Leilek destroyed part of a dam causing damage to homes and property.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Export of smartphones from Kyrgyzstan to UAE grows by 40%

Export of smartphones from Kyrgyzstan to the United Arab Emirates grew by 40% in January-February 2023, according to the National Statistical Committee.

Kyrgyzstan exported 40,200 smartphones to the United Arab Emirates for 2 months of 2023.

In monetary terms, exports grew twice to $6.6 million. The price of one smartphone grew from $114 to $164.

In January-February 2022, Kyrgyzstan exported 28,700 smartphones to the UAE.

Source: Central Asian News Services

Kyrgyzstan imports nearly 356,000 smartphones in 2 months

Kyrgyzstan increased import of smartphones by 3.2 times in January-February 2023, according to the National Statistical Committee.

Kyrgyzstan imported 355,800 smartphones for 2 months of this year compared to 111,100 smartphones imported for the first two months of 2022.

In monetary terms, import grew by 3.5 times to $25.8 million.

The cost of one smartphone grew on average from $66 to $73.

More than 84% of smartphones were imported from China – 299,454.

Kyrgyzstan imported 37,067 smartphones from Vietnam, 11,544 phones from India, 6,847 from South Korea and 928 from Kazakhstan.

Source: Central Asian News Services