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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Zhambyl region implemented 5 construction projects for 2.4 bln tenge

by March 15, 2017 Legal

For 2016-2017 in Zhambyl region, 332 state procurement tenders for construction objects for the total amount of 41.5 billion tenge were held.

At the moment 280 objects are completed and put into operation, which total amount constitutes 20.3 billion of which the number of objects passing on 2017 constituted 52 for the total amount of 21.2 billion tenge.

According to “Nurly Zhol” program, 7 projects were realized last year; 3.3 billion tenge were allocated and disbursed. 2schools with 600 places were put into operation in the village of Tuimekent of Baizak region and at the station Kumshagal of Taraz, and also 3 280-seat kindergartens in the village of Masanchi of Kordai district and secondary school ?30 in Taraz are passing on 2017.

In 2017 implementation of 5projects worth 2.4 billion tenge is planned. Among them is a construction of a 300-seat high school in Baizak village of Baizak district, a new 600-seat building in Sarymoldayev village of Merken district. In order to identify offenses in the financial and budgetary sphere, in particular, the theft of budget funds in the sphere of public procurement, monitoring and analysis of public procurement conducted in 2015 – 2016.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050