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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Zh. Yeshmagambetov: The quality of execution of court rulings improves in Kazakhstan

by August 4, 2017 Legal

This was reported by Deputy Minister of Justice Zhanat Yeshmagambetov at the press conference on implementing the Plan of the Nation 100 concrete steps.

Transition to the institution of private execution of court rulings is underway factoring in international experience. In 2015, a number of changes were introduced to the Law On Enforcement Proceedings, which allow fully transitioning to a private system of execution of judgment.

Beginning 2016, the state bailiffs receive documents that exclusively affect the interests of the state. All other categories are attributed to the competence of private bailiffs, whose rights and duties have been substantially expanded.

“At the end of 2015, there were about 1000 PBs in the country, currently their total number is 1498, and if counting assistants and clerks, about 4000 jobs were created in this field, � Zhanat Yeshmagambetov said.

In connection with the transition to mainly private execution, work has been organized for them to cover the entire territory of the Republic up to the regional level. A total of 4784 licenses have been issued since the introduction of the private bailiff system.

In order to implement the second direction of the 27th step, in 2016 the number of state bailiffs was reduced 30%. Also, in the current year, one third of state bailiffs are subject to cuts, and in 2018 – 15%. In the end, there will be only 303 state bailiffs. This will result in budget savings amounting to about 1.8 billion tenge annually, � the Deputy Minister of Justice said.

At the same time, the speaker noted that the number of writs of executions held by private bailiffs is growing. If in 2014 there were 352 thousand, in 2015 – 936 thousand, and in 2016 the number exceeded 2 million.

Zhanat Yeshmagambetov added that due to the measures taken, the number of complaints about bailiffs received by the Ministry has reduced.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan