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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Youth Resource Center to be opened in Astana

by January 10, 2019 Sports

The Center for Civil Initiatives will also be located in it, reports referring to the official website of Astana Akimat.

Currently, a regional Road Map Astana zhastary – 2019 has been developed in the capital, akim of the capital, Bakhyt Sultanov, said during an extended hardware meeting on the results of 2018 and tasks for 2019.

As you all know, on behalf of the Head of State, 2019 is declared the Year of Youth. Currently, a regional Road Map Astana zhastary – 2019 has been developed. The document consists of 90 projects that cover 11 current areas. These are infrastructure development for young people, education, job security, affordable housing, business development and financial literacy, support for talented youth and other important areas, said Akim.

In this regard, according to Bahyt Sultanov, a youth resource center must be opened as part of the Year of Youth in the capital. On the basis of the Zhastar palace we must open a youth resource center.

This center will help improve the quality of institutional services of all youth organizations in the city, as well as improve the interaction of youth organizations with government bodies. In addition, the Center for Civil Initiatives and the project office of Ruhani Jagiru will be located there, he said.

Recall, on Wednesday in the city akimat an extended hardware meeting was held under the chairmanship of Astana Mayor Bahyt Sultanov with the city’s asset, dedicated to the results of 2018 and tasks for 2019.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan