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Yelzhan Birtanov on development of health infrastructure: It is planned to build more than 5,500 facilities in next 3 years


According to Birtanov, the medical equipment in the regions varies. The task is to bring the rural district hospitals and clinics to the minimum standard of equipment in the three years.

Many medical institutions require general repairs, reconstruction. Together with regional akims, we have now agreed on longterm plans for the development of health infrastructure for an eightyear period until 2026. As part of this, in the next 3 years it is planned to build more than 5,500 health facilities, said the minister.

The task is to ensure the 100% availability of medical care for residents of regions.

For the construction of small rural health facilities, various mechanisms and funds of the local budget will be used; for the construction of large rural facilities, we send funds from the republican budget. In cities, we will develop, in addition to budget financing, a publicprivate partnership, Birtanov noted.

In addition, Birtanov also reported on the ongoing work to ensure qualified personnel.

In some areas, especially in rural areas, local doctors work with increased stress, which leads to a decrease in the quality of medical care, therefore from next year about 6,300 medical workers will be sent to rural areas for specific medical organizations. This is a threeyear working out and, first of all, we will saturate the rural hospitals, concluded Birtanov.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan