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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

XI Astana Economic Forum to open on May 17

by April 23, 2018 Fun

First Vice Minister of National Economy, Ruslan Dalenov, Vice Chairman of the Board of Economic Research Institute JSC, Bauyrzhan Mukan, director of Economic Initiatives Fund of Kazakhstan, Dinara Dzholdaspayeva, and managing partner of GVA Kazakhstan, Philip Serazhetdinov, talked about how and when the forum will be held, what innovations are proposed by its organizers, what will be the representation of the AEF participants, and what program is envisaged for the youth.

The XI Astana Economic Forum will be held from 17 to 19 May. As Ruslan Dalenov noted, the main difference from previous events is a new format and a global agenda.

“The forum has been held for 10 years and has become an international platform that connects economic thought, idea and practice. For 10 years, more than 50 thousand delegates from 150 countries of the world took part in the event. Forum has a great effect: from attracting international investors to exchange of new ideas for the formation of the agenda of economic policy in the country and in the world,” said Ruslan Dalenov.

At the same time, according to the First Vice Minister, there is a need to restart the forum.

“The world is changing, Kazakhstan is being modernized, and therefore the forum must meet new challenges. The renewed forum should become one of the world’s leading summits on global challenges. This explains the need to transform the AEF in content and form,” R. Dalenov said.

The proposed topic of the Forum implies a deep and diverse expert approach, corresponding depth and high degree of discussion.

As organizers noted, the AEF will become a platform where representatives of the intellectual elite will discuss topical issues of the global agenda and make recommendations to address them.

To discuss the proposed 11 global themes: Unified Economy, Global Strategy, Urbanization, Sustainability, Clean Energy, Singularity, Digital World, Future of Money, Global Security, A New Mankind, Longevity.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan