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World Bank expresses willingness to finance development of agricultural industry in Kazakhstan


Permanent Representative of the World Bank in Kazakhstan Ato Brown presented the final diagnostic review of the private sector in Kazakhstan, conducted by the World Bank in 2017.

He noted the importance of the development of traditional livestock industries: beef cattle and sheep, since there are large markets of meat consumption in Russia and China, free pasture resources and human potential.

World Bank experts shared their experience in creating a system of traceability of livestock products for the development of the meat sector and increase export potential. In particular, with the support of the World Bank, such systems were built in Uruguay and Brazil.

Senior Agriculture Consultant of the World Bank, former Minister of Agriculture of Uruguay Tabare Aguerre also participated in the round table. In his speech Aguerre noted the experience of Uruguay in the development of the sector of beef cattle and access to export markets. Currently, Uruguay occupies up to 10% of the world market for beef exports. He noted the importance of developing small family farms for building a chain of beef production.

World Bank experts praised the work of the Government of Kazakhstan on the development of the livestock sector, as well as measures to support the development of farms.

At the end of the round table, representatives of the World Bank expressed their readiness to finance measures to develop the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan. As part of a memorandum of support, agreements were reached on the implementation of joint measures aimed at promoting Kazakhstani agricultural products to China’s markets.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan