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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Workshops for sorting and storing of fruits to be opened in Panfilov district

by January 18, 2017 Legal

According to B. Abduldayev, one of the most important orders of the Head of State given during his working visit to Almaty region was the development of horticulture and revival of Oporto apples. Each district of the region aims to make its contribution to the implementation of the task, which is under special control of the leadership of the region. Thanks to the work done in this area Panfilov district has some success.

“A lot of work in the development of horticulture was carried out in 2015-2016 by “Zharkent-fruit” LLP, breaking the gardens on the territory of 1110 hectares, including apple gardens – 578 hectares, cherries – 405 hectares, peaches – 74 hectares, plum – 40 hectares, pears -13 hectares. At the same time the drip irrigation is applied on 988 hectares”, the Mayor said.

According to Mayor’s Office of the district, in 2017 the enterprise is planning to open a plant for sorting and storing of fruits, the volume of investments is 3.0 billion tenge.

B. Abduldayev also said that great attention is paid to development of material and technical base.

It was also noted that during the reporting period the volume of agricultural production in Panfilov district reached 35.1 billion tenge, the volume index was 102.7%.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050