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Works on clarifying features of OSHI are held in Zhambyl region

by May 30, 2017 Health

“The work on clarifying the features of the OSHI is carried out in 3 stages, during which 901 meetings were held with coverage of 83,739 people. In addition, 2,038 doctors and 6,431 middle-level employees were trained. There is also a call-center, which received 1,542 applications. 38 special rooms were opened, 3, 452 people were consulted,” in the message of the Governor’s Office specified.

At the same time, the action “Keep yourself attached to polyclinic – define your status in OSHI system!” Medical workers conduct household detours. To date, 982,383 citizens have attached to the polyclinics.

Recall that from July, 1 in Kazakhstan the system of obligatory medical insurance will start operating. Having determined your status in the OSHI system, you can find out who will pay for your insurance: the state, the employer or yourself.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050