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Working visit to Almaty region: Participants raised issues of strengthening corporate social responsibility


The first event of the day was a meeting with akims of the city, districts, heads of industrial enterprises, business structures and trade unions, held at Infra-Energo LLP. This plant is one of the largest in the region and is engaged in the manufacture, installation and repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment, instrumentation, control systems, emergency protection and alarms.

The meeting considered issues of raising wages for low-paid workers, creating new jobs, strengthening the social responsibility of business, and providing social assistance to low-income workers. The total of 11,317 collective agreements have been concluded in the region, coverage is 74.1% among large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as 9.7 thousand memorandums on the preservation of jobs covering 118.5 thousand people. It should be noted that since the beginning of this year there has been no release of workers in the region. At the same time, there are 704 large workers in 43 enterprises, of which 524 have no housing. For example, in PSI STROI UNDYSTRYA LLP, out of 95 large workers, 75 people need apartments.

A vivid example of social responsibility in the region is head of the Akterek farm Temirlan Shainusupov from Zhambyl district. He does not only provides his fellow villagers with work, but also constantly invests in the social sphere: he built a Daria 2016 kindergarten for 50 places, a modern football field, and also a Bolashak universal shopping center. Most importantly, since 2008, he built 105 houses for large and low-income families, as well as employees of his farm. A successful entrepreneur appealed to his colleagues to help large families, low-income citizens, and people with disabilities in every possible way.

In conclusion, Gulshara Abdykalikova appealed to the heads of enterprises and business structures to support Temirlan Shainusupov’s good initiative � to help socially vulnerable people in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Then Abdykalikova visited the Neonatal Center of the multi-regional children’s hospital, opened in May 2017. The center is equipped with the latest equipment and provides highly specialized surgical and trauma care for children and newborns. His work is aimed at preventing and detecting pathologies at an early stage in order to reduce the infant mortality rate in the region. Since the opening of the Center, 398 patients have been treated, including 25 newborns. In this case, 189 operations were performed, including 18 babies. Earlier in Taldykorgan, operations were not performed to newborns.

At the end of the working visit, the Deputy Prime Minister familiarized herself with the construction of a dormitory for students in the Karatal residential area. Thanks to the reconstruction of an unfinished hotel building, a modern student hostel with 288 beds will appear in the city, the entire surrounding area will be landscaped. The total project cost is 2.4 billion tenge.

At this, the Government delegation completed its work in the Almaty region and went to the city of Zhezkazgan, Karaganda region.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan