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Friday, November 27th, 2020

Work of the Social Health Insurance Fund will lead to an improvement in the quality of the services provided – MH RK


She said that currently the Fund is functioning, branches are established, managers are appointed, deductions from employers and contributions from individual entrepreneurs are made.

“In general, the regulatory framework is being improved, it is necessary to adopt 31 regulatory legal acts in the implementation of the adopted law. Accordingly, further work is being done to improve tariffs and health infrastructure. We must understand that the Fund is not only an operator, but also a strategic buyer, that is, it forms a competitive environment between medical organizations, therefore, a further process to improve the quality of service provision is very important,” said Aktayeva.

She also said that the decision was made that the Social Health Insurance Fund will become the founder of SK-Pharmacy LLP, and regarding the KazMedTech JSC the issue of its privatization is being considered.

For reference:

SK-Pharmacy LLP is a single distributor for procurement and provision of medicines for the population within the guaranteed volume of free medical care through consolidation of government purchases. Since 2011, SK-Pharmacy also acts as the organizer of the purchase of medical equipment, bought with the republican budget.

KazMedTech JSC is a state socially-oriented company engaged in leasing medical equipment, as well as equipping state and private healthcare organizations with modern medical equipment and guaranteed service for the entire term of leasing.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan