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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Work of Deputies to be held in open-debate mode

by September 6, 2017 Fun

“To fulfill all set tasks, as well as to provide legislative support for the strategic course of the Head of State, we need to continue systematic and high-quality work on bills, both introduced by the Government, and initiated by our colleagues-deputies”, N. Nigmatulin said.

At the same time, the speaker of the Chamber dwelled on those bills that have already been submitted to the Mazhilis: “On the Republican Budget for 2018-2020”, “On Guaranteed Transfer from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2020”, draft of the Code on Customs Regulation.

“Working on the draft of the Code, we must proceed from President’s instructions on “optimization” of customs procedures by introducing the principle of “single window”, the development of an electronic declaration system and reducing the number of required documents”, N. Nigmatulin noted.

According to the speaker of the Mazhilis, the same approach should be followed when working on the draft of the Code on taxes and other compulsory payments, which will be introduced by the Government.

At the same time N. Nigmatulin assured that work on the bills, as usual, will take place in the mode of open-debate.

“We have a lot of legislative work ahead of us. And, of course, in accordance with the tradition that we laid down in the previous session, our work will take place in the mode of open-debate of bills, with a broad representation of government bodies, the expert community, and civil society institutions � together with active coverage in the media information. It is by means of such approaches we will be guided in our work in this session so that the laws adopted by us could be competitive as possible, pragmatic and meet the highest standards, as the President demands from us”, N. Nigmatulin said.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050