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WHO Regional Director for Europe: Densaulyq program becomes similar to our health programs

by October 25, 2018 Fun

I can say that I have followed the development of Kazakhstan for many years, almost 30 years, and I see a lot of progress on many health indicators. There are such positive changes as an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in mortality. Even though there is still high death rates from cardiovascular diseases, their treatment is also improving. I think this is very important, said Jakab.

Also, according to her, great progress in Kazakhstan is observed in the organization of work in the health sector. The quality of healthcare has improved with the introduction of digitalization.

I am very glad to announce that we have close cooperation in implementing joint programs. Your Densaulyq program is becoming similar to our health care programs, Jacab stressed.

In addition, she emphasized that investments in the health sector in Kazakhstan are increasing every year, which in turn leads to an improvement in the quality of medicine.

The long-term economic development strategy of Kazakhstan, which the President is pursuing, is also effective in solving social problems, therefore, I think, health development is well integrated into the overall development of the country, said the director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan