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Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Who are social benefits?


What social assistance is provided in support of motherhood and childhood.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Labor, Social Protection and Migration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan Damezhan Sadvokasova noted that today there is an integral system in Kazakhstan providing social support for motherhood and childhood.

The main types of payments that are provided to families. First of all, it is a social payment for pregnancy and childbirth, which is popularly called maternity, it covers women participating in the social insurance system. The amount of this payment depends on the average monthly income of the woman’s family before the onset of social risk and takes into account the income for the 12 months preceding the hospitalization. The second type of payment is a lump sum associated with the birth of a child. This payment is provided, both working and non-working mothers. The amount of benefits for non-working mothers is at the expense of the republican budget and depends on the order of the child. And social benefits for the care of a child up to one year from the Social Insurance Fund also depend on the size of the income of the working mother. At the same time working moms,

As Damizhan Sadvokasova informed, if a sixth or more child is born in the family, then in addition to these payments, the family can apply for a special state benefit, which is paid to awarded mothers of many children at birth of the sixth child – this is K?m?s al?a and at the birth of the seventh or more child – is “Altyn alka”. Currently, more than 237,000 mothers with many children receive this payment.

The speaker also spoke about the payment addressed to a child with disabilities.

This family in addition to these payments can claim and receive state social benefits for the child himself, somewhere in the amount of 41 thousand tenge. In addition, if the parents take care of this disabled child, the family is entitled to apply for another type of benefit – a benefit for the care of a disabled child in the amount of 1.05 living wages. Today, over 80 thousand families receive this payment, she said.

As D.Sadvokasova noted, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, from July 1, 2018, a new type of allowance was additionally introduced to persons caring for adults with disabilities from the first group childhood.

Since July 1, more than 11,5 thousand families have additionally received this type of benefit, she said. According to her, in addition to the previous payments, persons with disabilities receive technical compensatory means for free – these are wheelchairs, vehicles, services of individual assistants, services of specialists of language gestures. Free of charge are technical equipment, audiotechnical means, obligatory hygienic means. Invo-taxi services are also provided. Additionally, the whole range of special social services is provided to families for free. There are, unfortunately, situations when the family loses the breadwinner. In this case, the family claims and receives state social benefits on the occasion of the loss of the breadwinner. Both from the republican budget and from the state social insurance fund, in the case

D.Sadvokasova stressed that, depending on the composition of the family, on the health of the children, the family can simultaneously be assigned all of the above types of social benefits.

If upon receipt of all the above payments, the family still remains low-income, then it is entitled to receive targeted social assistance at the expense of the local budget. This targeted social assistance includes not only a cash payment, but also the provision of a guaranteed amount of all special social services, D.Sadvokasova noted.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan