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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

What will change in Shymkent until 2023?


When the population of Shymkent has reached 1 million by 2018, the expresident of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev signed a decree to approve a comprehensive plan for the development of Shymkent city and the city akim after the status of the city of republican importance. In this regard, today at the meeting of the Government a comprehensive plan of development of Shymkent city till 2023 was presented.

Shymkent city development plan was developed in accordance with the tasks set by President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the social, economic development meeting of the Shymkent city on 29 September 2018. Shymkent city akim presented the plan to the ministers and told them all about it. .

KZT 1 trln 284 bln to be invested in development of Shymkent, 65% of which will be covered at the expense of investors

“The Comprehensive Plan was approved at the meeting of the budget commission in April 2019. The plan consists of 89 projects from 10 directions. Priority was given to private investment and publicprivate projects to avoid the burden on the budget. KZT 1 trln 284 bln will be spent on the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, of which KZT 836 bln or 65% will be made at the expense of private investors. 299 billion tenge at the expense of the republican budget, 81 billion tenge from the local budget and 68 billion tenge through publicprivate partnership, “said the mayor of the city Gabidulla Abdrakhimov.

Akim of Shymkent has written that in accordance with the plan of complex development of the city till 2023 it will launch 10 directions. There are 30 projects on development of housing and communal services, 11 projects for the development of transport infrastructure, 7 projects for the development of housing construction, 15 projects for the development of the education system, 3 projects for the development of sports, 2 projects on culture development. , 14 projects for the development of healthcare, urbanization of the city 4 projects, 1 project in law enforcement and civil defense, 2 projects for the development of industrial zones.

The first of 10 directions of complex development of the city development of housing and communal services. 30 projects have been implemented in this direction. Including: construction of Gres3 and 6 power stations to provide heat and water supply to the population, as well as two new treatment facilities will be built, due to the small capacity of existing treatment facilities. RG will realize an investment project worth a total of 190 billion tenge on installation of steam gas. As a result, in 2023, drinking water supply in the city will increase from 93 to 98 percent, sewer systems from 49 percent to 75 percent, highquality electricity from 91 percent to 96 percent, gas supply from 92 percent to 98 percent.

A2 ring road and Tashkent avenue will be modernized

“The second direction is the development of transport infrastructure. We will implement 11 projects for this purpose. Reconstruction of the A2 ring road with a length of 31 km. Continuation of the 21kilometer Tashkent railroad, the four main crossroads, and 24 km south and southeast circular slopes. It is also planned to reconstruct the railway station and build a new terminal at the airport. As a result, the ability of the roads to reach the automobile will increase from 35,000 to 75,000 vehicles. The share of high quality roads in the city will increase from 53 to 60 percent, “said Shymkent city akim Gabidulla Abdrakhimov, who commented on the second direction of the comprehensive plan.

More than 20,000 flats will be built in Shymkent over the next three years

Akimat of Shymkent plans to implement 7 projects on housing construction development. Under this project, infrastructure development will be launched in some districts of the city by 2023. More than 20,000 multistoried 319 multistorey buildings will be built in the city until the time it is anticipated.

Domestic and foreign companies, which are interested in the territory of the Shymkent district, have begun their work. Among them are “Life”, “Bazis A” and “BI group” companies.

Akim of Shymkent G. Abdrakhimov informed that Prime Minister Askar Uzakbayevich wants to create a special economic zone on the territory of Shymkent city at the request of these companies.

In Shymkent there is no problem with 3 shifts

According to Akim, 15 educational system development projects are underway.

“Nowadays there are 130 schools in Shymkent, where more than 194 thousand pupils are trained. Demographic growth in the city annually increases the number of children by 10,000. At present, 19 schools are under threat of threeshift education. In this context, 14 schools will be built for 23,500 children and the number of private health financing schools will increase. Thanks to this, by 2023 the number of schools forced to study with 3 shifts will be totally eliminated, “Shymkent akim assured.

According to the Shymkent akim, thanks to the three projects implemented in the field of sports development, the number of Shymkent athletes is expected to increase by 30%. In addition, the Akimat of Shymkent wants to reconstruct the central stadium named after Kazhymukan through publicprivate partnerships. As a result, the stadium will comply with the UEFA standard of the fourth category and become a multiprofile stadium. It will be possible to hold various festive, sports and international events. Due to this, the mayor wants to return to the stadium for a short period of time.

“We have 2 projects for the development of the cultural sphere. Construction of a congress center for 2100 seats and reconstruction of the old town will be carried out. Thanks to it, it is planned to hold a festive event of the cultural capital of the CIS in 2020 in Shymkent, “Shymkent Mayor Gabidulla Abdrakhimov said.

Raise the Shymkent lifetime to 75 years

One of the 14 projects for the development of healthcare will be a modern multipurpose hospital for 1000 seats at the expense of a private investor. 13 primary health care centers will be built at the expense of the local budget. Due to this the akim of Shymkent plans to increase the life expectancy of Shymkent residents up to 75 years.

It is planned to implement 4 projects on urban landscaping until 2023. Among them are the coastal alignment of the KoshkarAta river.

“And a single police control center will be built to ensure law and order in the society. As a result, crime prevention will be possible, “Shymkent akim said.

Zhuldyz and Shymkent agroindustrial zones will be opened

According to Akim of Shymkent, Abdrakhimov, the Zhuldyz and Shymkent agroindustrial zones will be opened in the direction of development of the industrial zone. They will receive 24 billion tenge of private investment and create more than three and a half thousand jobs.

The akim also pointed out what indicators will be achieved based on the implementation of the comprehensive plan.

“As a result of implementation of the Comprehensive Plan we will achieve the following indicators. Gross regional product will reach 3.5 trillion tenge and increase by 175%. The volume of industrial production will double. More than 60 thousand jobs will be created. Housing affordability per inhabitant reaches 24 square meters up to 27 square meters. The plan will help to increase the socioeconomic potential of the city and increase incomes of the population, “the Prime Minister asked the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin to approve a comprehensive plan.

Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Ruslan Dalenov noted that Shymkent is the third city in Kazakhstan and emphasized the economic structure.

“Following the results of 2018, the gross regional product of the city amounted to 2 trillion tenge. The share of gross domestic product in the volume of the republic is 3.4%. The per capita gross regional product amounted to 2.1 million tenge. Labor productivity is more than 4 million tenge. The volume of investments reached 588 billion tenge, taking into account investments in modernization and reconstruction of oil products. The local economic structure accounts for 25 percent of the industry, 54 percent belong to the service sector, including 15.4 percent in trade, “Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov said.

The Minister also told that in order to provide the city with a new impetus, a total of KZT 1 trln 284 bln will be allocated to the comprehensive development and construction of Shymkent city for 2023, including KZT 299 bln from the budget.

“Access to centralized water supply will increase from 93 to 98 percent. Gas supply to the population will increase from 92% to 98%. The share of satisfactory roads will increase to 59.4%, the level of unemployment will decrease from 5.1% to 4.9%, “Ruslan Dalenov said.

According to the Minister of National Economy, the city’s economy should grow to 3.5 trillion tenge. This means an average annual increase of 5.5 percent per year. At the same time, the workplaces will increase by 60,000. Economic growth is also expected in the share of trade sectors. By 2023 the volume of investments will increase up to 1 trillion tenge a year. Big investments will be made in economy, tourism and other spheres of Shymkent.

Then Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin said that one of the industrial, trade and cultural centers of Shymkent is the need to increase the investment and export potential and become a regional hub as a magnet for the city’s investors, the development of agricultural products processing and economic projects in addition to the three industrial zones operating in the city, Zhuldyz and Shymkent agro industrial zones should start developing.

“It is necessary to ensure the growth of the territory of the southern special economic zone with the attraction of new investments into the light industry, as a result of the active implementation of the general investment projects it will be possible to increase the investment to 1 trillion over the next 5 years. This will be about 30% of the gross regional product. It is planned to create more than 60 thousand new jobs. Next year, transport infrastructure projects must be completed, “Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin said.

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister voted for the members of the government. All 15 members of the government unanimously voted for the comprehensive development of Shymkent city up to 2023. There were no abstaining and objections.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050