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What to do when incorrect information is found in the information system in acts of civil status?


The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the framework of the implementation of the Decree of the President On the formation of the electronic government in the Republic of Kazakhstan, digitized archival records recorded on paper in the period from 1937-2008. in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In this regard, if incorrect information is found in the information system in the acts of civil status (about birth, marriage / divorce, etc.), you can apply for updating via the electronic government portal in the My Account.

To submit an application, registration on the electronic government portal and an electronic digital signature (EDS) are required.

On the main page of the portal, in the “Services” section, click on the link “Service for verification of acts records of individuals”.

In the window that opens, select the “Type of registration record” from the drop-down list: birth certificate, certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce, certificate of change of name, certificate of death, certificate of paternity, certificate of record on adoption.

When you select Actual birth record, the system displays the choice of the applicant category: Parent or Child.

If the user selects the applicant’s category Parent, the search will appear by IIN or by full name and date of birth of the child.

After filling in the above data, the user selects the Search action.

If there is an act record in the information system, the user needs to check their data for their compliance, if the data is correct, click on the button “Information relevant”.

If the information is not relevant, you must download the scanned version of the corresponding certificate and click on the button Update data.

If there is no act record in the information system, a message appears with the content: Attention! An archive record will be found if the registry office contains confirmation of family ties between you and your parents. There are no data on the specified parameters in the registry office. Try a different type of search, or do data officers.

In this case, the user must select the action Digitize Information and fill in the following data:

-region / city, registry office

– act record number;

-date of registration of the act of record;

– data of the child (IIN, full name, citizenship, nationality, date of birth, gender);

– place of birth of the child (country, region / city, district, settlement / city);

-mother single (yes / no);

– father’s data (IIN, full name, date of birth, nationality, citizenship);

– mother’s data (IIN, full name, date of birth, nationality, citizenship).

After filling in the indicated data, it is necessary to attach a copy of the birth certificate by clicking on the “Download a new file” button, then click on the “Digitize Information” button and sign the digital signature application.

Updating of other types of act records is carried out in the same manner.

Source: Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan