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Friday, January 28th, 2022

What specialties do soldiers learn?

by November 25, 2021 Legal

In his Address to the Nation “Unity of the People and Systemic Reforms – a Strong Foundation for the Prosperity of the Country”, President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev noted the need to continue the implementation of the project “Free technical and vocational education.”

The President emphasized the role of the Armed Forces in the system of vocational guidance and training of young people: “Another opportunity to get a profession should be given in the army. It is necessary to study the issue of mastering the skills of conscripts, which are necessary for the real sector of the economy.

“Currently, the Ministry of Defense monitors the specialties of conscripts in demand in the labor market. As a result, training is organized. Young people receive the necessary knowledge, skills and specialties that are in short supply in the domestic market. , Vocational training will be provided in the training centers for junior specialists of the communications departments, radiation, chemical, biological protection and environmental safety forces, “the statement reads.

Conscripts learn dual-purpose military specialties. These include truck drivers, excavators, tractors, pavers, diesel electricians, communications specialists and more. It is obvious that the profession will be useful for young people in the post-military life.

A training company for truck drivers has already been set up at the Land Forces Training Center. Every year it is planned to train about 160 specialists in specialties in demand in the labor market. Classes will begin next year.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050