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Welcomed Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Roman Vasilenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador Dirk Jan Koppen, completing his diplomatic mission in the course of the meeting, on behalf of the Minister of peaceful Atamkulov him a certificate of honor and a souvenirhanded.

During the meeting, D. Kop said that he has made a significant contribution to strengthening bilateral relations within the three years, and has played an important role in expanding interstate trade and investment cooperation.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of the largest investors and trading partners in Kazakhstan.Extending cooperation in agriculture, apart from the traditional energy sector, is very promising. In addition, the important project with investors from the Netherlands is the construction of the World Trade Center in NurSultan, which was launched in May of this year.

Vasilenko expressed his gratitude to the Netherlands for the support of the Kazakhstani initiatives, as well as the further strengthening of bilateral cooperation both on the bilateral and international arena.

In 2018, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands have effectively interacted within the framework of the two states’ nonpermanent UN Security Council membership. In early July, within the framework of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Slovakia, Minister B. Atamkulov met with his Dutch counterpart Stef Block, during which the prospects of strengthening political and economic cooperation, as well as the schedule of visits in the upcoming months were discussed.

The Kazakh diplomat wished his Dutch counterpart the success of his diplomatic mission in North Macedonia, saying that D. Kop will always be a guest of honor in Kazakhstan.

The Ambassador of the Netherlands thanked the country’s leadership for effective cooperation in the strengthening of KazakhDutch cooperation and for its support.