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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

We should carefully protect our historical heritage – D.Akhmetov


According to the Governor of the region, the aspects of trilinguism, Tugan zher, sacral geographic places are among priority ones.

We prepare design-estimated documentation of one of sacral places in Abai region- the cave Konyr-Auliye. Thousands of pilgrims visit the underground lake. According to my request, works on accomplishment of the territory are carried out, so that people can visit that place without obstructions and get rested with comfort, the Governor of EK said.

According to information in the Governor’s Office of the region, the presentation of the regional program Rukhani zhangtru will be held in the near future.

As was noted by Danial Akhmetov, it is very important to understand, that it requires not only theoretical work but also deep analysis of our historical heritage.

We should behave in the way to preserve and increase, the Governor of the region underlined.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050