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We must educate new generation of strong people – D.Nazarbayeva


“The XIV Eurasian Media Forum was organized with the participation of all present here. The EMF was supported at the state level, by large banks, corporations. According to the tradition, the Organizing Committee has presented the most acute problems of the modern world for discussion. Unfortunately, they do not become less. The present era is called the era of uncertainty and fear, the era of uncontrolled freedom. Is it so? More recently, globalization was called the pinnacle of progress. Now it is frightening, it is opposed to the ideas of radicalism, nationalism, the rejection of integration processes. What will win in this dispute? Terrorist attacks, the civil war in the Middle East, dramatically increased refugee flows have become a heavy burden for many EU countries”, D. Nazarbayeva said.

Ms. Nazarbayeva cited the words of a British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, who believed that there are two basic human values, without which life is not possible. They are freedom and security that cannot exist separately. Freedom without security is chaos, and security without freedom is slavery. And it is very important what the current generation will choose.

She also noted that the unprecedented pace of information and communication technologies development makes us look at many historical values and stereotypes in a new way. They form a way of thinking of the modern person, blur the boundaries, make the world more transparent and, at the same time, vulnerable.

“What is behind this digital revolution and total informatization. How will the human life change and will this greatest achievement be turned to the good or evil? we will not build a new harmonious world on the narrowness of the worldview, on negative stamps, and pessimism. We must raise a new generation of strong people, for whom the historical grievances and tragedies of the past will not be obstacles to move forward with the progress. The new era needs new personalities to lead into the future, the best and the strongest – this is the spiritual heritage of ancestors and culture and achieve success”, the senator said.

She also said that one of the traditionally “hot” topics of the Forum is the situation with the media, which is always at the forefront of information wars.

“And the issues of journalistic ethics are rising more sharply. Today, for those choosing the profession that is called upon to inform and educate the public, there is a need to take something like the Hippocratic oath and be guided by the most important principle of healing Do not Harm. What does the media community think about this? I am convinced that in the course of the discussion we will help each other to find the right answers or at least approach them. I wish us all a hot and fruitful discussion these days”, D. Nazarbayeva concluded.

We remind Astana hosts the XIV Eurasian Media Forum, which is attended by representatives of more than 60 countries.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050