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Friday, September 17th, 2021

We have to meet standards to export meat

by January 28, 2017 Legal

M.Trifonov told that in Kazakhstan the “yard” meat cutting process is developed and that does not meet the standards for delivery to the Russian market.

“In order to supply raw meat to Russia, cutting, production of meat products should comply with the Russian or interantional standards”, – the expert said.

He also appreciated the level of Kazakhstan meat products market.

“At the moment, I saw quite a different range of the market production in Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. In Russia, there a sufficiently large share of pork and boiled sausages production. In Kazakhstan, the production of half-smoked products is more developed. So, we can exchange the experience or cooperate in – the supply of meat, halal products and mainly beef. Kazakhstan, on the contrary, needs more pork”, – said the expert.

According to the expert, currently the country is working hard to move from national standards to interstate.

He said that in addition to state/interstate standards, there is also requirements of retail chains.

“For example, retail chains require quite expensive packaging of meat products – the meat product should be stored refrigerated for at least 20 days, and accordingly, it must be protected from any external influences. They choose suppliers certifying the production very carefully, and, check them stricter than our state bodies”, – concluded M.Trifonov.

Recall, as part of the National Plan – “100 concrete steps”, the Head of state stated that the agriculture is an important part of the economy of our country. So, the President instructed to increase productivity in the agricultural sector at least twice.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050