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We celebrate general holiday of all Turkic people – “Tan” center

by March 22, 2017 General

“At the present time in our cultural center an exhibition of applied art takes place. It exhibits our ancient samovars, carding for flax, spinning wheels, button accordion, skullcaps and, in general, works of our art. We celebrate the general holiday of all Turkic people”, – Z. Nizamutdinova informed.

She noted that the cultural center “Tan” began its work in 1994, it studies the traditions, customs of the Tatars and Bashkirs, as well as the Tatar language itself.

“In Astana, there are about 10 thousand Tatars and about a thousand Bashkirs, so in 1994 we established the Tatar-Bashkir cultural center called “Tan”. In the center we are studying the Tatar language, studying the traditions of the Tatars and Bashkirs. We also hold events such as Sabantui, Nauryz”, – the Head of the center “Tan” shared.

Z. Nizamutdinova also congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on spring holiday of Nauryz and wished everyone “a renewal” this year.

“Nauryz is our general holiday of the Turkic people, and it is widely celebrated everywhere. It is the holiday of a new day, renewal, and therefore I wish all the people of Kazakhstan health, well-being, prosperity, so that, like nature renews, so our souls were equally bright and clear”, – Z. Nizamutdinova congratulated.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050