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W Kazakhstan: Number of cattle increased

by April 18, 2017 World Sports

In January-March 2017, the gross agricultural output of the region amounted to 11 053.3 million tenge., of which 33.4 million tenge – crop production and 11016.1 million tenge – livestock products. The index of the physical volume of gross livestock production in comparison with the corresponding period of 2016 amounted to 101.2%, crop production – 100%.

In all categories of farms in the region in January-March 2017 livestock and poultry were slaughtered (in live weight) 15.2 thousand tons (102.2% of the level of the same period in 2016), milk of cows 19.8 thousand tons (101.0%), 32.3 million pieces of chicken eggs were produced (96.6%).

As reported in the department, the main meat producers are Zelenovsky (13.6% of the total meat production), Akzhaik (13.5%), Zhangalinsky (12.5%) and Kaztalov (11.7%) districts.

The largest amount of milk was produced in the farms of Zelenovsky (22.6% of the total milk production), Terekty (18.0%) and Burlin (12.8%) districts.

The production of chicken eggs is concentrated in the suburban area of the city of Uralsk (44.9% of the total volume in the region) and in the farms of Zelenovsky (42.9%) district.

In the volume of production of the main types of livestock products, the share of private subsidiary farms of the population continues to prevail, in the volume of sale of livestock and poultry for slaughter this category of farms occupies 58.6%, in the production of milk – 75.1%.

As of April 1, 2017, the number of cattle was 550.7 thousand heads (107.6% of the corresponding date of 2016), sheep – 1105.5 thousand heads (103.4%), goats – 234.9 thousand heads (101.1%), horses -146.6 thousand heads (112.5%), pigs – 27.2 thousand heads (96.7%), camels – 2.8 thousand heads (97.5%), birds – 920.8 thousand heads (102.4%).

Source: Kazakhstan 2050