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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Volume of investment in agriculture amounted to kzt 228 bn in 2016

by January 5, 2017 Key Issues

The increase is connected with the introduction of new projects in the regions within the project on the export potential of cattle meat, stimulating measures for the implementation of cooperation in rural areas, increasing the volumes of investment subsidies.

As the Ministry of Agriculture reported, the livestock industry increased the number of cattle by 1.3%, meat production – by 3.5%, milk – 3.1%, eggs – 0.1%. In crop gross grain harvest amounted to 23.7 million tons, the average yield totaled 15.4 c/ha. The collected volume fully meets domestic demand and export potential at the level of 8.5-9.0 million tons.

At present, the grain export amounts to 7.9 million tons, which exceeds last year’s level by 12%.

Food production increased by 3.8% and exceeded 1.2 trillion tenge. Production of cereals increased by 36%, sugar – 49%, flour – by 13%, vegetable oil by 14%, sausages and similar products of meat – 10%.

In addition, over the last 20 years iNorth Kazakhstan region collected 14.0 thousand tons of sugar beet, an average yield of 350.0 kg/ha. This is higher than the average figure by 15%.

Also, in 2016, Kazakhstan harvested 3.6 million tons of vegetables and 2.2 million tons of melons, which exceeds last year’s level by 511 thousand tons. Record harvest of rice, apples and cotton is observed this year. Oilseeds gross harvest amounted to 2.0 million tons, which is almost 1,5 more than last year.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050