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Video digest: “Events of the Week” No.16

by January 14, 2017 World Sports

In addition, the meeting discussed the issues of liquidation of consequences of emergency situation in Shahan village, Karaganda region, the implementation of the new Law of Kazakhstan, providing for temporary registration of citizens in the place of residence and helping the Kazakhs, who do not arrive on time in the country due to flight delays in some foreign countries.

Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan T.Suleimenov briefed Prime Minister on the measures taken to prevent a rise in prices for socially important food products, the activities of regional stabilization funds and the saturation of the market for domestic food.

B.Sagintayev held a meeting on cooperation with the United Arab Emirates on tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister held a meeting, members of the Government discussed major issues of government institutions in the first half of 2017.

Also this week, a regular meeting of the Expert Council on Economics, created the Order of the Prime Minister in December last year, chaired by B.Sagintaev, was held. During the meeting, the rehabilitating the banking system and increasing the competitiveness of key economic sectors were discussed.

On Saturday, Prime Minister held a meeting on improving the efficiency of national holdings.

Source: Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan