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Vice Minister of Finance T. The draft law on clarifying the republican budget of Savelyeva for 2019 in Majilis


We are pleased to present you a draft law on clarifying the national budget of the current year.

The draft law was prepared to fulfill the instructions given by the President at the eighth congress of the Nur Otan Party. It is aimed at financing of important measures for development of Kazakhstan, improvement of life of the population.

As a result of the clarification, the budget parameters will change dramatically as all possible sources will be settled to solve problems.

In turn, the macroeconomic basis of the budget remains stable and conservative, the Minister of National Economy said.

Detailed forecast of revenues of the republican budget is 821 bln. Tenge 569 bln. It is made at the expense of:

As a result of the strengthening of customs administration, USD 200 bln. Additional income in the amount of KZT;

The guaranteed transfer from the National Fund is $ 250 billion. increase in tenge;

From the National Fund for the Establishment of a Private Equity Fund 370 Billion Tenge Attraction of target transfer in the amount of KZT.

One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Finance at this stage is to reduce the gap on “gray” import and customs statistics.

In order to achieve the set tasks, measures will be taken to improve the effectiveness of customs control at the border crossing stage.

Agreements on the implementation of the pilot project on the “smart lock” by the Chinese side and the electronic exchange of data on the transfer of goods from the People’s Republic of China were reached. This ensures that importers are declaring goods in China.

In addition, in order to increase the validity of the customs value declaration, appropriate risk profile for participants of foreign economic activity with the greatest distinction in PRC data has been developed.

Along with systemic measures, urgent measures are taken. In particular, export control posts have been installed on the internal borders of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia) since January of this year. They register the carriage of goods, the name and the cost of the cargo, and the data of the recipient (shipper) in both directions (export, import).

This will allow you to identify “gray” imports, to reduce the cost of importers and avoid the possibility of avoiding tax evasion. This measure will be valid until full introduction of the system of goods tracking and integration with information systems of the Eurasian Economic Union member states.

The effectiveness of the proposed initiatives in the current year amounts to $ 200 billion. in the form of additional receipts in the amount of KZT.

In 2019, the national budget expenditures will amount to KZT1 168 billion. As a result of clarification, KZT 11 895 bln. tenge.

As mentioned above, the main focus of the budget is the implementation of new social measures of the President “Social care”, which will be allocated 444.3 billion tenge this year.

First. To 224.3 billion by 2019 The strengthening of social support for certain categories of citizens with expenditures will be aimed at:

change of mechanism of targeted social assistance appointment. For example, the TSA coverage measure will be increased from 50% to 70% of the subsistence minimum (up to 20 789 tenge up to 14,849 tenge). As a result, coverage of targeted social assistance will be extended to more than 800,000 people.

In the nomination of targeted social assistance, the state allowances for families with large families and families with many children awarded with “Kumis Alka” and “Altyn Alka” marks, as well as disability allowances and scholarships for children, will be deducted from the total income of the family.

One more important moment in the nominal social assistance calculator is the monthly grant to every child of the needy family at a rate of 70% of the subsistence minimum (2019 – 20,789 tenge).

Total addressed social assistance programs are designed to simplify the procedure of relief and assistance to those in need

non-financial measures to be taken will also be taken.

parenting and caregivers for disabled children, as well as benefits for caregivers from the age of 1 year – from 1.05 to 1.4.

Today, the size of the allowance is 31,183 tenge, which is 41 577 tenge, taking into account increase of 30% from 1 July 2019.

From July 1, 2019 will be directed 169.7 billion tenge to increase salaries of low-paid workers of the budget using a differentiated approach.

Second. 100 billion by 2019 Housing for needy families with low income will be implemented within the framework of Nurly Zhol Program in two directions:

provision of housing by construction and reconstruction of leased housing without the right to purchase low-income families from large families, which allows to use 6,000 apartments annually;

Provision of social housing loans to low-income families with low income, low income families (42.5 thousand tenge) and families with children with disabilities through “Zhilstroysberbank Kazakhstan” Joint-Stock Company.

Such families will receive 2% annual and intermediate housing loans up to 20 years.

Third. By 2019, 90 billion dollars Development of Regional Infrastructure with Outflow of KZT.

According to the Head of State, this direction will amount to about 920 billion tenge by 2025, including 680 billion tenge from the national budget. and more than 230 billion tenge from the local budget. KZT will be allocated.

It is estimated that about 4.5 mln. construction and reconstruction of engineering and communication infrastructure.

Taking into account the allocation of additional funds, this year 441.3 bln. KZT 115.4 bln for development of local roads network. KZT 171.6 bln was allocated for water supply, water disposal and water supply; tenge, gas supply and electricity – 88.9 bln. tenge will be directed.

In the new direction – 30 billion tenge for solving the problems of large cities, including 15,0 billion tenge for Astana and Akmola oblast suburban settlements. KZT 10 bln was allocated to Almaty and Almaty suburban settlements. Tenge and Shymkent – 5 billion tenge. Tenge will be allocated.

Fourth. 30 billion by 2019 Implementation of a new special project “Aul – Cradle of the Country”.

Within the project will be defined 1500 settlements with real prospects. Over 3 years, the amount of funding was 90 billion US dollars. tenge. The funds will be used for the provision of engineering and communication infrastructure, social facilities, etc. in villages. p. development.

At the same time, in order to have immediate impact in the near future, priority tasks in the villages are not required for long-term documentation preparation and coordination

will be solved. It is a complex, medium-term and current repair of housing and communal services, social and cultural facilities and engineering and transport infrastructures.

The next major block of events, which is reflected in the detailed budget project, is the “Year of Youth”. KZT 24.6 bln was allocated from the national budget for this area. Tenge will be allocated, including:

Implementation of “Young Entrepreneur” Program amounts to 10.7 billion tenge The costs include the following activities:

Increasing the number of seats for training entrepreneurs on the Basis Business project to support business-plans and business-project support by up to 15,000 units;

For people aged 18 to 29, 3 million. Grant of 200 “youth” grants in the amount of up to 200 tenge. For this purpose within the framework of the program “Business Roadmap 2020” 600 mln. Expenses are provided in the amount of Tenge. Youth grants will be distributed to innovative, IT, as well as to those who offer effective and demanding business projects. It helps to support young people with a high level of entrepreneurship and serves to fund a good start up from the government;

Providing 9,000 government grants for youth to implement new business ideas within the State Program “Effective Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development for 2017-2021”.

Grants are available to entrepreneurs who are trained on business basics, short-term vocational training or technical and vocational education for the “Start Business” project (the amount of grant is the necessary equipment, tools,

technological equipment, purchase of animals, livestock, poultry for up to 200 monthly calculation indices or 505 thousand tenge in 2019).

Under the “Labor” program, the youth coverage of young people will be increased to 10,000 people, under which young professionals will get initial work experience (specialty) within 6 months.

Within the framework of the project “Young Specialist” 8,0 bln. Modernization of 180 colleges will be carried out with the exception of KZT 7,3 bln. It is aimed at equipping the material and technical base. At present, the Ministry of Education and Science is developing a mechanism for supplying equipment for colleges, selection criteria, list of topical equipment for priority areas of specialization;

5,0 billion tenge will be allocated for working youth to provide rental housing in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent.

In addition, this year 250 mln. About 10 thousand students who are socially-oriented, socially-meaningful in the interests of individuals and (or) legal entities in the amount of 30% of scholarships or 6,285 tenge per month, in orphanages, special schools, youth service centers, schoolchildren, homes, clinics, universities, schools, colleges and so on. p. material incentives.

The project “Find Your Way”, aimed at professional orientation of young Kazakhstanis, will be launched within the Year of Youth.

The next important direction is the creation of a private equity fund “Kazakhstan Investment Development Fund”

Draft budget foresees KZT 370 billion at the expense of target transfer from the National Fund. These funds are intended to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On some measures to improve the competitiveness of the national economy”.

The Fund will be established to implement major breakthrough projects on the basis of joint investment with foreign investors in the non-oil sector. Attraction of direct foreign investments to the economy of Kazakhstan is planned in the processing industry, agro-industrial complex, innovation sector and infrastructure (energy, transport, logistics, tourism).

As part of the budget implementation, the initiatives will be continued.

Thus, in addition to the implementation of the comprehensive development plans of the Turkestan region and the city of Astana, the additional KZT 42.3 billion and KZT 21.8 billion respectively. tenge.

Taking into consideration these funds as well as the above mentioned initiatives on regional infrastructure development, the total volume of Targeted transfers in the current year amounted to 60 billion tenge, and Astana – 140 billion tenge.

In the current year, the total volume of targeted transfers to the regions amounted to KZT 1 562.7 billion or 13.1% of the total expenditures, and 26.5%, taking into account the subventions.

The social budget of the republican budget expenditures increased by 323.7 billion tenge and totaled 5 155 billion tenge. tenge or 43.3% of the total expenditure and 8% to GDP.

Within the framework of the social package, the expenditure on realization of the program “Seven sides of the Great Steppe”, including the project “Kazakhtanu” and the project “Contemporary Kazakhstan Culture in the Global World”, was taken into account.

As a result of the budget deficit, expenditures in the real sector increased by KZT312,3 bln. To KZT2,171 bln. tenge. At the same time, as mentioned above, most of them are socially oriented and aimed at improving the living standards of our citizens.

Increase of the deficit to GNP up to 2.1% is not a problem for the debt load within the limits of the established limit (government debt repayment and income ratio does not exceed 15%).

At the same time, financing of deficit is planned to be financed at the expense of internal borrowing (8.6% – 8.9% interest rate) through issue of government securities with maturity of 10 and more years.

These are the main directions of the national budget for the current year.

At the same time, according to the provisions of the Budget Code, amendments were made to the transfer of waste, which were allowed to be used in the current year, as well as changes in the structure of public administration within the revised budget project.

Thanks for attention!

Source: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan