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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Vice-minister of energy Chile: World to face with energy changes


During an official part, Vice-minister of energy of Chile Jimena Jara noted, that the World happens to face with energy changes, which will be breakthrough in renewable sources of energy. According to her, the topic of the exhibition Future Energy is very current for the world community. The EXPO-2017 gives a great opportunity for countries to find new ways in switching to green energy.

A concept of the topic, taking into account our nature conditions, is very close to Chile. The country is not rich in minerals, that is why we transport natural gas from different parts of the World. The country is characterized with the highest level of sun radiation in the World especially in the Atacama Desert, where the weather is windy. This is our fuel. About 10 years ago, we were told, that such technologies as solar and wind energy would be accessible only for rich and highly developed countries, because of their expensiveness, and not all countries could afford them. Today, we can surely say that it is the future of the Planet, Vice-minister said.

In turn, Deputy minister of defence of Kazakhstan Talgat Zhazhumenov underlined, that Chile has great perspectives in development of the sector of renewable energy. Chile has the best conditions in the world for a hydro-accumulating system, which operates with the use of salt water.

Policy and achievements of the Republic of Chile in the field of renewable energy are precious experience for other regional energy markets and their demonstrations at EXPO are very current. Kazakhstan knows Chile as one of more stable countries of Latin America. Financial and economic, as well as social and political stability, stable high authority in eyes of leading members if the International community give Chile foundations to apply for a role of a sample state of South America. Participation of Chile in the EXPO-2017 is considered as an important platform to activate international work on all directions of trade and economic relations, the Deputy Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan concluded.

The Republic of Chile is a country in the southwestern part of South America, which takes a long lane of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes. In west, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Shares borders with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. The National exposition of the country is presented in the Plaza of Latin America, where visitors can get acquainted with achievements if the sphere of development of alternative sources of energy, as well as with culture, traditions and life of the Chilean people.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050