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Universal declaration: work on the bugs


The first income and property declarations in pilot mode have already been handed over by residents of three villages of the Osakarovsky district of the Karaganda region.

2 153 declarations were accepted, of which there are discrepancies with the information of the authorized bodies of 114 (5.4%) taxpayers, as well as a survey of 1,725 individuals, said Ruslan Ensebayev.

He focused on the fact that 78.1% of the population would prefer to submit tax reports electronically or via a mobile application, the rest on paper.

There were problems that we managed to solve. In particular, the question of the complexity of the declaration was raised that it consists of several pages we optimized it to two pages. During this time before the pilot, we implemented in the test mode on the egovernment portal the possibility of filling out the data check, we did a lot of work with government agencies to update the data. Over the past year have done some work. Call Center, here, launched. But a number of issues require a longer period to solve them. Electronic declaration is the most effective from the point of view of cost minimization and from the point of view of convenience, but not everywhere there is the possibility of accessing the Internet. Within the framework of the state program Digital Kazakhstan there are specific terms when the Internet will come to the village with good quality, respectively

The Vice Minister also complained about the low financial literacy of the population in rural areas more than 80% of respondents could not fill in the declaration on their own. Lack of access to the Internet in remote areas, irrelevant database of authorized bodies for property, land, vehicles, as well as lack of information about the assets of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan outside the country these are key issues for elimination in the field. By the way, as the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance noted, these problems are characteristic of all regions of Kazakhstan.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan