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Unique items from Museum of Islamic Art collection to be shown in Astana

by June 17, 2017 General

At the exhibition there are 22 subjects. Each of them depicts one emblem – a snow leopard (bars), which in the form of a title belonged to the era of Sultan Beibars.

Let’s note, Sultan Beibars is known for successful wars in Palestine and Syria against Mongolian Ilkhans of Iran and European crusaders. Beibars is an outstanding commander of the East, who received the nickname Abul-Futuh, that is, “Father of Victories”.

“Beibars was on the throne for 17 years (from 1260 to 1277). During the reign of Beibars, Egypt became powerful: channels and shipbuilding yards were built, military fortifications on the borders of the country, palaces and mosques in Cairo, crafts, agriculture, science, trade, art were developed”, the National Museum reported.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050