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Unique ethnoaul to be organized at EXPO-2017

by March 31, 2017 General

“We proposed the organization of ethnoaul on the basis of a racetrack “Kazanat”, which is located aside the airport. The ethnoaul currently occupies 2 500 square meters. At the racetrack various events will take place, namely our traditional sports games: kokpar, baiga, kyz kuu, etc. First of all, from 11 to 13 June we will hold the Championship for the President’s Race Cup”, – the Head of the MKS RK informed.

In ethnoaul the exposition of handicraftsmen will also take place, and in his framework the concert venue will be organized. At this time, the Ministry signed a contract with a unique project “Spirit of Tengri”. This concert will be held on June 10th.

“Here various traditional representations with catching golden eagles, steppe pelvis will also be shown. There will also be a sector of national entertainment – kokpar, altybakan, kumis salu and other traditional games. In the ethnoaul we offer national sports, in addition, there will be demonstration performances on archery, zhamba atu, audaryspak, etc. At the same time, there will be an entertainment excursion on camels”, – he said.

According to the Minister, this will be a unique and large-scale ethnoaul, which will be organized within the framework of EXPO-2017. Also, here will be held an open championship for the President’s Cup on baiga.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050