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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Unified Health Management Information System is ready for financing through OSMS Fund by 90%

by October 24, 2016 Market

“Today, we have showed information systems, accounting, financing in OSMS system. The main potential of all information systems was implemented; we are functioning for several years. We have a pay committee of medical services, which administers all cases in Kazakhstan, payment is carried out through it, accordingly, the fund will be its “receiver”, and those trained professionals who work in this committee, will become members of the fund,” Deputy Minister health and social development of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi said at the meeting to demonstrate information systems of MHSD on the basis of “Government for citizens” State Corporation.

According to the Deputy Minister, hospitalization of every citizen of Kazakhstan occurs through inclusion in an electronic portal, ie all citizens who receive regular medical care pass through this information system. Thus, the system is transformed into a fund system and will keep a record of every citizen.

At the same time, during the presentation of the system it was informed that the information system is ready for financing through OSMS Fund by 90%.

“The current information system allows to finance socially significant diseases in the information mode,” Deputy Minister said.

It is worth noting that on daily basis hospitals of our country receive about 6 thousand patients, there are about 300 thousand of daily visits, and it is all recorded and administered by a single information system. The funding of OSMS Fund will be based on it.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan