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Under the Program for Development of Meat Livestock, 76 million hectares of pastures to be allocated for farmers – A. Yevniev

by April 24, 2018 General

According to Arman Yevniev, the Program answers the question “Where to get the land?” Around the settlements, all pastures are destroyed. This is despite the fact that Kazakhstan has a huge number of pastures.

“We analyzed several areas, it turned out that individual farms have hundreds, and even more than a million hectares of pasture. And it is clear that they do not have as much cattle there. This is the irrational land use and will be seized,” the Vice Minister explained.

This became possible because of the amendments to the land legislation.

“We specifically initiated changes in land legislation. Recent amendments to the Land Code adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan provided mechanisms for the seizure of pastures, transferring them to the right hands,” said Arman Yevniev.

So, one of the measures to implement the program is the priority allocation of 76 million hectares of pasture for farmers. According to Arman Yevniev, pastures will be allocated out of competition, only among those who applied for participation in this program.

Also, the First Vice Minister of Agriculture noted that work is underway to transfer the procedure for allocating land plots to the electronic format.

“We live in the age of digitalization, automation, and we are moving towards the transition of competitions into electronic format. That is, you can participate and see the results without leaving your home, through applying for it through the electronic system. This will also simplify the procedure for allocating land plots,” A. Yevniev noted.

General Director of the UIELE “Meat Union of Kazakhstan,” Maksut Baktibaev, added that the analysis of large land users was carried out using digital technologies.

“We conducted the analysis almost from the office. That is, the entire land cadastre base is now available on the computer on the central server. The entire database of those who own animals is also stored on the server. Comparing these bases, we received the load. If it does not comply with the norms of the land code, the prescription is automatically written out,” M. Baktibaev commented.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan