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Umbrella brands of Kazakhstan to become driving forces of entering foreign markets A. Kabikenov

by May 2, 2018 General

Answering journalists’ questions, A. Kabikenov told about the top-10 Kazakhstani export goods. On the scale of the world market, it is oil, refined copper, non-ferrous metals, wheat, etc. To neighboring China, unrefined copper, copper rough alloys, ferroalloys, textiles, wheat, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, etc., are exported from our country. At the same time, the list of export goods is updated every year.

“Today the infrastructure with China is developing very intensively. 18 provinces of the PRC today are carrying their cargoes in transit through Kazakhstan, and our cargoes go to China and further to the countries of Southeast Asia,” A. Kabikenov said.

Speaking about new products that were exported in 2017, the Vice Minister noted Niva cars, Peugeot, solar panels, as well as dry mare’s milk.

According to the speaker, the dry mare’s milk is produced today by the Karaganda firm, together with the German representatives. Products of Eurasia Invest LTD LLP received a declaration of compliance with the requirements of the Customs Union for Security.

The international document gives the right to sell the product both on the territory of the EAEU and export to the far abroad. Taking into account the growing world trend of consumption of functional foods, the company is actively negotiating with potential partners in Europe, China and Russia, considering them promising.

As for the state support of domestic entrepreneurs engaged in the export of goods, A. Kabikenov stressed that today the Government of Kazakhstan is considering the prospects for its expansion.

“This state support will be more focused, concentrated. We will support exporters to recover the cost of processed products in order to increase their interest,” A. Kabikenov noted.

In this case, the state reimburses 50% of the cost of exporters for the registration of trademarks, advertising, participation in foreign exhibitions, fairs, festivals, the production of catalogs, the content of trade missions abroad.

According to the Vice Minister, the increase in state support will be aimed at making Kazakhstan’s umbrella brands driving forces of entering foreign markets. The state plans to provide a package of state support measures to domestic businessmen who will enter this or that Kazakhstan brand. As it is reputed in the MID RK, this will contribute to the development of export-oriented industries in our country.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan