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Uigur diaspora is very pleased with Kazakhstan


Uighurs are one of the largest ethnic groups in Kazakhstan, the fourth largest after the Russian, Uzbek and Ukrainians. Uighur people live in all Central Asian countries. However, most of them live in Kazakhstan, including Almaty and the oblast. The happiest Uighurs live in Kazakhstan, according to Deputy Chairman of the Almaty branch of the Public Association National Ethnocultural Center Uigur Uighurs of Kazakhstan, a member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, entrepreneur Dolkuntai Abduhalil. There is no reason for that. Today, this diaspora preserves the language and traditions of Kazakhstan and participates in the economic and social life of Kazakhstan.

NURSULTAN 15 July, 18:50

Republican Ethnocultural Center of Uighurs of Kazakhstan is one of the diasporas of Kazakhstan who actively contribute to the formation of civil society in Kazakhstan. What has been done by you in this direction and what big events have been held this year?

In general, our center pays special attention to the issue of charity. There are many examples of this. The largest of them, for example, in the Karaganda region, in Karagaylyk village of Almaty, for the victims of the flood more than 10 million tenge was provided as well as food and clothing. Last year in the village of Tuzdybastau of Talgar district three (owners of Kazakh , Uyghur and Russian), when the house was burnt down, the Council of the Council of Young People organized a fundraising effort to restore the ruined houses. Also, I want to emphasize the work of the Chairman of the Board of Nurani Anilar Gulzhaan Muratova. Because golden hearted mothers every year in the month of Ramadan, the poorest families in Almaty region have not been able to get enough food, tirelessly. In 2019, he built a large house in the village of Guldal, Talgar district, with nine children and nine children with a large family. Our loving mother raises food and clothing problems at the expense of her own mothers and children. Among such mothers who have such a true, careful attitude are the representatives of Kazakh, Uighur, Russian, Korean and Uzbek nationalities. They express their gratitude for the kindness and gratitude of Mother Guljakhan as her mother. There are sponsors, sponsors and entrepreneurs who are charitable in our community. Our loving mother raises food and clothing problems at the expense of her own mothers and children. Among such mothers who have such a true, careful attitude are the representatives of Kazakh, Uighur, Russian, Korean and Uzbek nationalities. They express their gratitude for the kindness and gratitude of Mother Guljakhan as her mother. There are sponsors, sponsors and entrepreneurs who are charitable in our community. Our loving mother raises food and clothing problems at the expense of her own mothers and children. Among such mothers who have such a true, careful attitude are the representatives of Kazakh, Uighur, Russian, Korean and Uzbek nationalities. They express their gratitude for the kindness and gratitude of Mother Guljakhan as her mother. There are sponsors, sponsors and entrepreneurs who are charitable in our community.

It is wellknown that the tragic incident happened last year in the city of Arys in the Turkestan Province, which ruined the hearts of all Kazakhstanis. And all Kazakhstani people, including us, started to feel sorry and helped us. Turkestan regional branch of the national ethnocultural center of Uyghur Uighurs of Kazakhstan, Uigur ethnocultural center of Shymkent, helped to feed 500 people who suffered. The most important thing is that a special commission on Arygary assistance has been set up at the center and Shaimardan Nurumov has been elected as Chairman of the Commission. This commission has played a leading role in the national action of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Arys, we are with you. During that week, the Uighur associations received 65 million tons of 12 million tenge, including food, clothing, construction materials, and many other things were collected and sent to the Ars. Also, I would like to say that there is a share of pensioners who gave 200 tenge from patrons who gave thousands of tenge.

Also, I would like to point out that Metall Prom Group LLP, which is wellknown not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad, contributes to the drop in economic development of the country. Over the past three years, the Company has provided various charitable assistance worth 144 million tenge, and in the first half of 2019 3.6 million tenge. Additionally, we provided 1,000 poor families with food and sent 150 children to summer camps. Two years ago, we enabled 66 poor students to take part in the international exhibition EXPO2017 in the capital and to see the international exhibition. Every year we help people in need of assistance, war and labor veterans, organize playgrounds, arrange sports competitions.

The Uighur community of Kazakhstan is one of the largest diasporas across the country, especially Almaty. What is the purpose of the Association? What are you doing?

We have enough people to fill our mouths. However, there is still a lot of community backbone and commitments. In addition to the ethnocultural associations of the country, I would like to emphasize the great contribution of the national ethnocultural center of the Uighurs of Kazakhstan headed by member of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shaimardan Nurumov to preservation and strengthening of friendship and interethnic accord among the people of our country, education in the spirit, the promotion and development of our language, culture and national traditions. where he works hard. The traditional address of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan the Leader of the Nation NANazarbayev, the noble dream of our ancestors Mangilik Yel

What kind of persons are in the organization?

There are prominent figures of Kazakhstan, whose names are wellknown in our country and abroad, scientists, writers, journalists, entrepreneurspatrons, deputies of the Almaty city maslikhat and many others.

At the same time, traditionally celebrating the names of our citizens, who made a significant contribution to the development of our country in various fields, continues to be traditionally continued. Last year, together with the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, the 100th anniversary of Jamalidin Bakhakov, the 80th anniversary of Shaim Shawaev, the great contribution to the development of Uyghur literature of Kazakhstan, which was celebrated in the Writers’ House of Kazakh literature, this year together with the R. Suleimenov Institute of Oriental Studies, and the 90th anniversary of the famous scientist, public figure Gozhakhmet Satvakasov, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Uigur uyghurologist in Asia: issues and present achievements of the international scientific conference on real argument to me.

There are wellknown scientists, doctors, art critics, artists, entrepreneurs, and many others who are born not only in Kazakhstan. Educated, talented youth doctors Isamdar Haramov, Suhrab Japarov and director Aziz Zairov won the project 100 New Names in Kazakhstan organized within the framework of the Spiritual Renaissance program.

How do you spin good politics of Kazakhstan, which puts nations’ friendship on one of the main places?

In the article Seven Steps of the Great Steppe of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev: In our history tragic moments and tragic events, fierce wars and conflicts, socially dangerous trials and political repressions were scarce. We have no right to forget this, he said, respecting history. One of the tragic events in our homeland was repression and famine. Thousands of Uighur nationalists were also subject to innocent massacres in Zhetysu during the Soviet era. Last year, a special commission was set up at the center to commemorate this tragic event and a great deal of work was done to commemorate its 100th anniversary. For this purpose, in the villages of Lavrov in Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty oblast, In Bolshoi Aksu, Uigur district, thousands of people have been commemorating victims of repression. At the same time, about the state and public figures, such as Turar Ryskulov, Alikhan Bokeikhanov, Saken Seifullin, Abdulla Rozybakiyev, Ismail Tayirov, who suffered from the effects of red terror, were also interviewed.

In connection with the announcement of the first anniversary of the Year of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NANazarbayev, the Uighur Youth Union of Kazakhstan, the Republican Youth Organization Zharasym under the APK, the youth wing Zhas Otan under the Nur Otan party, working in close contact.

Young people in our community often hold charity events, apart from the implementation of strategic programs of the state, strengthening friendship and interethnic harmony. An example of this was last year’s organization of concerts with the participation of artistic folklore ensembles of the youth association, solo singers, and handed over the funds to the parents of three infected children.

Kazakhstan will gradually move to the Latin alphabet by 2025. What will be your contribution to this end?

The transition to the Kazakh language, that is, the state language, is a great historical event in our independent country. We, the Uighurs, decided to move to Latin alphabet from the date of adoption of this decision at the state level. This is a sign that the two nations are from the same root, brotherhood. The Center conducted a number of scientific conferences to translate the Uighur language in Kazakhstan into the Latin alphabet. During the conferences, scientists, public figures, teachers were in attendance and discussed the issues of transition to the Latin alphabet. Finally, a version of the Latin alphabet was developed and approved.

What can you do to promote Uighur language and traditions?

We pay special attention to cultural development of our people, preservation of traditions, customs and traditions. As a testimony to this, we recently organized the festival Attenna Tea Fest in our Almaty city branch, in connection with the holiday Nauryz. The event was attended by representatives of all branches of our center, 38 ethnocultural associations in the southern capital and foreign guests. There were presented 5 types of tea from Uyghur, colorful dishes in Kazakh, Uighur, Russian, and their healing properties and methods of cooking.

The same day the event was attended by members of the ensembles Ataturk, Kazachya Slava, members of Asia Plus production center, amateur group of gymnasium No. 153 named after A. Rozibakiyev in Almaty, as well as other folk talents, dances and names of the country’s famous artists and craftsmen. Having seen the national cuisine and the tea show at the exhibition, he tasted it.

The Kazakh and Uighur people are the same roots as our brothers and sisters, our brothers and sisters, who are steadfast in our sorrows and joys, who have been steadfast in their lives. The Uyghurs in Kazakhstan are retaining their language and mentality through local tolerance. The Uighurs in Kazakhstan are the happiest nation. We all have the opportunity to preserve and develop our language, customs and traditions, like all other ethnic groups in the country. So far, we have the state theater with academic status, the national newspaper Uigur Avazi, the Uighur center under the Institute of Oriental Studies, and 67 schools in Uighur language education. In addition, our own newspapers and magazines are being published. There is no restriction on it. We are very grateful to Kazakhstan.

What is the specificity of your center?

The center attaches great importance to the issues of public unity, public consent. For this purpose, guys and ladies, mothers councils, and elders play a vital role in doing good things. Individual, family, domestic disputes or disagreements are solved only by their direct intervention and counseling. In some cases, our lawyers are using the method of mediation effectively. This approach is very important in the overall reconciliation and cooperation of people.

In addition, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan KassymJomart Tokayev, this year 175th anniversary of great Kazakh poet and enlightener Abay Kunanbayev will be celebrated in our country. In this regard, till October 1 this year, the national plan for the preparation and holding of the jubilee should be approved. This event, which is planned to be celebrated in the framework of UNESCO and TURKSOI, is also being prepared by the National Uighur Ethnocultural Center.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050