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Two Inmates Killed, 34 Injured In Philippines Jail Riot


At least two were killed and 34 injured in a riot, which broke out in an overcrowded Manila City jail in the Philippines.

Police said, the fight between criminal gang members detained in the jail erupted around 6:30 a.m. and lasted for only 10 minutes.

Two inmates died while being treated at a local hospital, police added.

Manila City Jail spokesperson, Senior Inspector, Jayrex Buestinera said, 34 inmates were also injured in the incident, triggered by argument over a bed space in the jail, with a congestion rate of 370 percent.

He said, nine inmates who sustained serious injuries were taken to a hospital for treatment, while the other 25 detainees were treated at the city jail infirmary, as they only sustained minor wounds.

A temporary lockdown was imposed in the jail, in wake of the incident, he added.