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‘Tugan Zher’ program: Children to study robotics free of charge in Aktobe

by June 5, 2017 Health

The STEM Center has been opened at the cost of private investments at the beginning of this year.

So, from April 2017 pupils of the 1-8th grades have an opportunity to study the basics of engineering, to learn about the fascinating world of programming and robotics, and to realize their idea by creating a prototype of their engineering thought and printing it out 3D printer under the guidance of a certified teacher.

It should be noted that President of the country N. Nazarbayev in his Address spoke about the need to develop the competitiveness of our economy by developing the IT industry, automating and robotizing production; only qualified specialists with knowledge in such areas as engineering, robotics, programming and 3D modeling will be able to accomplish these tasks.

We remind that the concept of STEM is the abbreviation of the words science, technology, engineering, mathematic, which became widespread in the late 90s of the 20th century in the USA, which has now grown into the emergence of the stem department at the US Department of Education. In Aktobe, education is being introduced thanks to the students who graduated from the Bolashak program in the US and launched a franchise called the STEM Center.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050