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Friday, September 17th, 2021

Transition to new model of electing governors to bring positive result – expert

by February 8, 2017 Fun

According to the expert, the President proposed the transition to a new model of election of rural akims.

“At present the rural akims of district maslikhats are being elected, but the candidates are being elected by the regional akim. It is not right in some measure. There is no possibility of self-nomination. So, speaking about the new model of election of rural akims, we mean direct elections, and it is a very great idea”, – said M. Gabdualiyev.

He also expressed the opinion that it is necessary to introduce the election of akims of all levels.

“There is a French model that offers to have representatives of the President in the regions, like the prefect in France. And if there are any violations, the issue can be resolved directly by the President”, – the expert said.

He also supported the idea of regulating the local self-government bodies by the Constitutional Law.

“We need to approve the Constitutional Law on Local Self-Government. Citizens should take part in the affairs of the local community, and this is one of the forms of democracy. In this context, we need a special law to regulate mechanisms of citizen participation in the local government affairs”, – said M. Gabdualiyev.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050