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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Training center of agro-industrial complex to start working in Ekibastuz

by September 6, 2017 Health

According to the Mayor, the Kazakh side plans to conclude a memorandum with Polish businessmen for the reconstruction of the international training center in the city of Ekibastuz.

“You know, we have one of the problematic objects – an international training center, which was built by the Ministry of Education. It’s unfinished. Now we are preliminary concluding a memorandum with partners from the Polish side. And today there is a preliminary documentation for the reconstruction of this building. We want to co-finance this project – the main part will be from the state, co-financing will be on the Polish side to restore this building, then to train the staff in an agricultural orientation”, K. Nukenov said.

He also noted that in the training center in addition to Kazakh teachers, foreign specialists will be also attracted, and he also informed that 7 specialists will be trained in Poland.

“To date, the Polish side is ready to receive our students. We are now preparing about 7 specialists for the next year. They offer free tuition for our students and scholarships amounting 1300 euros per month. Well, we will review this issue so that students will later work at our enterprises”, the Mayor of Ekibastuz assured.

Let’s remind, Astana is hosting the Kazakh-Polish business forum in which about 450 representatives of business take part.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050