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Thursday, September 24th, 2020



Investments in trade and car repair rose by 11% in money and by 6% in physical volume, with bank loans accounting for 10% of the investments in the sector, reports.

Between January and October 2019, total investments in wholesale and retail trade, repair of cars and motorcycles, totalled at 171.9 billion tenge, increasing by 10.7% compared a given period of the past year (index of actual volume 106.4%).

2018 saw a 1.9% increase in investment in terms of money, reaching up to 155.3 billion tenge (due to inflation there was the decline in physical terms: index of actual volume 93.4%). The share of trade in the total investments in fixed assets has been 1.8% in January October for the second consecutive year, with 2018 seeing total investments of 218.6 billion tenge in the sector, 5.3% up compared with 2017 (there was the fall in the volume index only 97.1%). The share of trade in the total investment reduced from 2.4% to 2%.

11 out of the 17 regions of Kazakhstan observed the annual increase in investments in wholesale and retail trade, as well as car and motorcycle repair.

Pavlodar region experienced the biggest increase of 5.5 times, up to 31.4 billion tenge, for January October 2019, with its share soaring from 3.7% to 18.3%. It was followed by Kostanay region with an increase of 2.1 times, to 6.2 billion tenge, with its share growing from 1.9% to 3.6%. Aktobe region was third accounting for an annual growth of 72.9%, to 5.4 billion tenge. Its share rose from 2% to 3.2%.

The city of Atyrau, Kyzylorda and Almaty regions saw the significant decreases by 60.5%, 59.7% and 47.6% in investment in trade.

Almaty (46.3 billion tenge), as well as Pavlodar (31.4 billion tenge) and Almaty (16 billion tenge) regions had the highest investments in fixed assets in trade.

88.7% of the total capital investments in trade and car repair came from business funds, while the attracted funds equalled 152.5 billion tenge, 12.2% more than last year. At the same time, investments in fixed assets saw a 7.7% year over year increase , to 17.6 billion tenge, due to bank loans, with other borrowed funds accounting for 1.8 billion tenge, a 39.3% decrease compared to January October of 2018.

Biggest investments owing to bank loans were found in trade. So, bank loans make up 10.2% of investments in fixed assets in wholesale and retail trade, as well as car and motorcycle repair.

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries followed with an 8.7% share of the total investments owing to bank loans. The transport and storage sector was third 7.7%.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050