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Monday, September 21st, 2020

Tour operators to lose license because of failure to comply with norms of Law


With the aim of guaranteed return to a country the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan should get tour codes in case of failure to comply their responsibilities by tour operators.

The given norm is regulated by the functioning law. The law of the RK tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan, all participants of the market should work within the system of guaranteed rights of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of outbound tourism. The administrator of the System of guaranteeing is the Corporative fund Touristic Kamkor which is a member of the system of guaranteeing, and the system of guaranteeing are provided by the presence of the bank guarantee; fee for each realized tour product accounting to 0,5 MNU; submission using a tour code, given by the electronic registry of tours.

It should be noted that the tourism companies which are not members of the system of guaranteeing operate beyond the law. At the moment, not all subjects of tourism signed agreement with the administrator of the System.

Failure to comply with the norm Article 27-3 Law of the RK on tourism in the Republic of Kazakhstan suspension of a license for tourism activity is foreseen.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050