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Toughening responsibility for non-fulfillment of budget was proposed in Majilis

by March 30, 2017 Health

This measure will allow to improve efficiency in all areas demanding budgetary expenditure.

“Every year we hear reports, we see that budget funds are used not for their intended purpose and are inefficient. However, none of the state bodies and executives was held liable for violating these requirements. In the issue of budget execution there should be personal responsibility of the members of the Government and the Governor’s Offices. Responsibility must be enshrined legislatively, right up to criminal liability. A responsible person must be assigned for each budget program. As for criminal liability, it is necessary to attract those who direct budget funds to inefficient sectors, these are selfish goals, and there is little administrative responsibility. When it comes to budgetary funds, ranks don’t matter”, – Oksikbayev reported.

The deputy also proposed a transition from a 3-year budget planning to a 1-year budget and stated that the budget formation system needs improvement.

“The budget needs to be formed from the bottom, with a clear responsibility for the formation of an indicative budget. Besides, we now have a 3-year budget, although for the next 2 years we plan an indicative budget. Practice shows that after a while such budget doesn’t work, we start to revise it again. Therefore, due to the fact that a 3-year budget hasn’t given the desired effect, the Government should move to a 1-year budget planning”, – O. Oksikbayev concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050