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Timur Suleimenov, S and P discuss the evaluation of Kazakhstan’s economy


During the meeting with representatives of the international rating agency Standard and Poor’s, Minister of National Economy Timur Suleimenov told about the current situation in socio-economic, budgetary and structural policy, as well as in the financial system.

The meeting participants discussed issues of conducting a review of the economic situation and evaluation of Kazakhstan’s sovereign credit rating, the press service of the Ministry of National Economy informs.

Standard and Poor’s (S and P, full name – Standard and Poor’s Financial Services LLC) is a subsidiary of the American corporation McGraw-Hill, engaged in analytical research of financial markets. The company is one of the three most influential international rating agencies, known mainly as the creator and editor of the US stock index S and P 500.

As an international rating agency, Standard and Poor’s engages in assigning short-term and long-term credit ratings to both issuers and individual debt obligations.

The Standard and Poor’s international credit rating scale serves to meet the needs of participants in global (international) financial markets. Evaluations based on this scale allow comparing the reliability of issuers and obligations of different states.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan