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Timur Suleimenov on improvement of state apparatus in framework of the Address: remuneration to be made on incentive principle

by October 18, 2018 Fun

The Head of State in the Address Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life noted that quality should become a new lifestyle of a public servant, and self-improvement should be its main principle.

Civil servants of the new formation should reduce the distance between the state and society. This provides for constant feedback, lively discussion and explanation to people of specific measures and results of public policy.

According to Suleimenov, the transition to a factor-based scale of remuneration of employees of state bodies is a very important reform.

Behind these formulations lies a rather simple idea. All reforms are implemented by people. We understand this very well and understand the manual perfectly well. If we do not have professional, honest, state-minded officials on the ground and in the center, whatever the reform is beautifully painted, beautifully decorated, it will not be implemented correctly and people will not feel its effect, the minister said.

The essence of the factor-scale scale is the approximation of the salaries of employees of akimats, ministries to the average salaries in the market, to the average values in the industry.

Today, if an economist-planner works in akimat and the same planner works in a private enterprise, the latter receives 120,000 tenge, and in akimat � 60,000 tenge. Probably, we will not see good personnel in the Akimat, but we will see people by residual principle. At the same time, they implement state policy, Suleimenov noted.

In this regard, as the minister said, the distribution is carried out in three main areas: the main, intermediate and auxiliary units. Those departments and offices that bear the main burden, on which the implementation of public policy depends, will be entitled to receive more.

Now we have a certain degree of leveling. If I am a department director, I get the same amount on a tariff schedule that is predetermined in advance. At the same time, I can deal with issues of an auxiliary nature: calculate wages, etc. Another director of the department is the front office of the ministry, the minister cited the example.

In conclusion, Suleimenov noted that under the auspices of the Agency of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption, a large analysis was conducted. These categories, factors and points are distributed. Thus, the incentive principle will act in the remuneration of labor: whoever works the most is entitled to a large salary. To date, the project in pilot mode is being implemented in four bodies: in two akimats and two state bodies. Depending on the results, it will be replicated to all other government agencies and local executive bodies.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan