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Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Third five-year plan to become breakthrough in eco-efficient areas of economy and manufacturing industry – Roman Sklyar

by December 29, 2018 Fun

As noted by Sklyar, for the further growth of labor productivity, the concept of the third five-year plan under the State Program of the Industrial-Innovative Development is currently being developed.

In this concept, we tried to take into account all the challenges of our time. An enterprise that cannot increase productivity will not be competitive, this is obvious. What does one need to do in such a situation? It is the automation of production processes, digitalization, stimulation of enterprises with state support measures to increase their exports, said the first vice minister.

According to him, the new program of industrial-innovative development will provide for a number of new mechanisms that will increase labor productivity. State support measures will be strengthened specifically for those enterprises that will offer a program to increase export potential, labor productivity, automate production, introduce elements of Industry 4.0, improve the environmental situation at their enterprises and so on.

We hope that the third five-year plan will be truly breakthrough in highly eco-efficient areas of the economy, manufacturing industry. We will see its results in the near future, summed up Sklyar.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan