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Saturday, September 19th, 2020

They discussed the problems of medicine assistance for citizens and embezzlement of budget funds at the General Prosecutor’s Office

by November 28, 2019 Market

Nur Sultan city. There was a meeting of the board of the General Prosecutor’s Office, they discussed the state of legality in the investigation of criminal cases related to the theft of state funds, including allocated for the implementation of state programs, as well as the problems of providing the population with medicines.

Opening the event, Gizat Nurdauletov noted that state money does not always reach citizens. They continue to be plundered by unscrupulous officials and entrepreneurs.

The General Prosecutor emphasized that proper control over the spending of budgetary funds not only eliminates corruption and the shadow economy, but also allows us to achieve the ultimate goal – improving the lives of the population.

Therefore, he called on the heads of law enforcement agencies to severely suppress offenses related to the inefficient use and theft of folk remedies and to ensure the principle of the inevitability of punishment.

By the way, since 2017, law enforcement authorities investigated about 6 thousand (5940) criminal cases with damage of 66 billion tenge. Of these, about half (2,685) have already been sent to court.

At the board they also discussed the problematic issues of providing the population with free medicines.

At the supervisor they noted that the Government reviewed the submission on violations identified as a result of the audit in the Ministry of Health.

According to acts of the prosecutor’s response for the violations committed, 48 officials were brought to justice, including 3 relieved of their posts.

In turn, Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov, invited to a board meeting, spoke about the Roadmap being developed and the measures taken to improve the situation.

In conclusion, the department was invited to adopt the positive experience of foreign countries in digitalizing the healthcare system, as well as to ensure transparency in the process of setting prices for medicines and eliminating corruption factors.

Source: The General prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan