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There are no unresolved problems Senators visited the regions


During the visit to the regions of the country Senate deputies held meetings with local residents and representatives of government agencies. People who were acquainted with the socioeconomic situation in the regions were initiated by a number of initiatives. You can read more about the visit of Senate deputies to the regions.

Senate deputies Zhenis Nurgaliyev and Serik Bekturganov met with deputies of the Kostanai regional maslikhat and took part in the extraordinary session of the maslikhat.

At the sessions, the sides discussed the socioeconomic development prospects of the region, the wellbeing of the population, the pace of work of local deputies.

The deputies also informed the population of the changes in the budget for 20192021.

Besides, the deputies of the Senate met with the leadership of Kostanai regional public council. Zhenis Nurgaliyev and Serik Bekturganov met with the Chairman of the Public Council of Kostanay region Azamat Tursunov.

The meeting discussed the activities of public councils in the country and draft amendments to the Law “On public councils” of November 2, 2015.

As a result of the discussion, it was determined that the activity of the Institute of Public Councils requires a comprehensive and systematic analysis, as well as the improvement of individual mechanisms. It was also noted that a number of topical issues are being monitored locally, as well as their consideration in deputy inquiries.

Senator familiarized with housing construction for lowincome families

In turn, Ryskali Abdikerov, a member of the Senate of Parliament, paid a working visit to Zhezkazgan, met with the workers of the concentrating mill and familiarized himself with the working conditions and the plan of further development of the enterprise. During the visit to the region, the senator met with members of families with many children.

During the meetings, important issues were discussed and analyzed. Ryskali Abdikerov also visited the construction site of 5storeyed housing for lowincome families.

Dinar Nuketayeva, a member of the Senate Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science, visited a number of centers for children’s rehabilitation in Almaty.

The first object of the visit to the Senator was the Sputnik children’s rehabilitation center located in the Monakh Valley of Talgar district.

Dinar Nuketayeva met with children here and learned about the situation of the center, visited the recreation room, sports and gymnasiums where cultural and sports events were held, and saw kitchen, club, football and volleyball courts.

The senator talked with the teaching staff and got acquainted with the staff of the center. The deputy noted the importance of carrying out patriotic, historic and cognitive activities in such centers.

D.Nuketaeva also talked with children from all over the country when she was in the “Salem” health camp, drew attention to the situation of each child and asked for their desire to improve the situation in the camp.

The deputy has made some comments on the organization of summer holidays in children’s rehabilitation centers and urged them to correct them in a short time.

Besides, Ryskali Abdikerov visited Satpayev city and visited a number of socially important facilities within the framework of his working trip to the regions of the country. Senator began his work with visiting a poultry farm located in the industrial zone.

Ryskali Abdikerov talked to the labor collective and positively assessed the development of the enterprise. The deputy of the Senate also visited the local police department, met with law enforcement officials and instructed the most important directions of the state policy to strengthen the security of the settlements in the region.

During the senator’s visit, the citizens were given priority in personal matters.

At the meeting, various issues were raised during the meetings, including issues of citizenship, resettlement of settlements in Satpaev, disability issues, targeted social assistance for families with many children, housing issues, urban development.

“There are no unresolved issues. Now all activities of the akimat are aimed at attracting more people to the city, “Ryskali Abdikerov noted.

Senator Ryskali Abdikerov also visited Karazhal, Karaganda region.

The senator familiarized himself with the work of the employment center and talked about providing targeted social assistance to needy citizens. The Deputy spoke about the implementation of the Business Entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneur program. According to the senator, such measures will enable young people to study in business and create new jobs.

Today, the Senator has visited the dumpling workshop on this basis and got acquainted with the production capacity.

A young entrepreneur receives a loan under the “Business Start” program, and now works successfully. R. Abdikerov visited the old tire recycling and disposal enterprise and got acquainted with the production technology, the company’s future plans.

As the press service of the Senate informs, the enterprise will further provide employment to more than 20 people. The deputy’s working visit continued in Zhanaarka district.

Senator visited the village of Baidagli and got acquainted with the life of local residents. Ryskali Abdikerov met with local elders, representatives of executive authorities, social and political and youth organizations, entrepreneurs, large families, listened to their problems and discussed their solutions, and answered citizens’ questions.

During the meeting questions were raised about address social assistance, timely payment of wages, housing allocation, price of agricultural equipment.

In addition, children from Arys came to Almaty from July 12 to August 3 for rest. They will have a rest in the summer recreation camp “Ornek” located in the suburbs.

150 children who are affected by the emergency situation have the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation and have a good time. The first group of young guests was greeted by Almaty residents on the apron.

Senar deputy of the Senate Dinar Nuketayeva was also among the young guests. The senator talked with young people, and wished them all good lunches.

“All conditions are created for the children today. Food and leisure activities for children have been fully considered. Different entertainment is planned every day. Children’s health is improved, they are provided with medical and psychological care. So, I think they have a good rest, “said Dinar Nuketaeva.

It’s worth noting that senators are currently in the regions, according to the instructions of the Senate Chairman Dariga Nazarbayeva. They inform the public about the socioeconomic policy of the President and the implementation of state programs.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050